Some people only prefer to play online games, while others like the process of organizing such games. In the end, this is a certain status, because all players will think about who created the game server and allowed to play on it. But in order to create a game server, there is a need to choose a reliable hosting. In this Zap Hosting review, we will check how reliable this hosting is.

What Is Game Hosting?

First of all, you need to figure out what game hosting is. After this, you can choose the best hosting product among all the variety on the market. Game hosting is a server that you rent for your games. Since it is rented for a specific task, it must meet certain requirements. Otherwise, the game on your server will be slow.

Criteria of Choice

Consider the main selection criteria, which are the following:

  • Low ping. Ping is the time of connection to the server and the time of its response to the client. The lower the ping, the better it will be and the game won’t slow down. Ping depends on the proximity of the server to the client. Therefore, the closer the target audience is to the data center, the better it is.
  • Powerful hardware. Games place a high load on the server’s CPU / RAM. Find out what equipment is required to provide the game for a certain number of gamers. The specific requirements depend on the chosen game. Hosting should meet these requirements with a small margin so that immediately after opening the server, you do not have to change the tariff. When choosing a drive, choose an SSD. This can reduce latency from the file system.
  • Convenient admin panel. The control panel should be simple and preferably free. When renting a VDS, the administrator is free to independently install any control panel.
  • Reliability. The server must be located in a TIER-III data center. Make sure that the DC is certified and not just claims to be TIER-III.
  • Test period. It’s good if you can test the product before buying it. When testing, check the speed of the network connection, and the performance of the disk subsystem. And, if possible, check whether the server can handle the required load.
  • 24/7 technical support. Considering the specifics of the server, technical support is more likely to be needed in the evening. It’s bad if the support doesn’t work at the most crucial moment. During the trial period, be sure to check how the support works. Write a request at night and see how quickly they respond. The answer is not yet a solution to the problem, but if they answer quickly, it gives hope.

Why People Choose Zap Hosting

Now we can start a Zap Hosting review. Everything discussed id true about this hosting. The company offers a server for games with a convenient control panel. Specialists have thoroughly worked on all nuances of the servers for games. Thanks to this, their clients will be able to manage them without any problems and use additional plugins.

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