Total Av Software Review

Total AV offers a wide variety of subscription plans. You can order licenses for one, three, or five computers. And it can even be done for one, two, or three years. The maximum cost (3-year license for 5 PCs) is $ 153.89. This is a very good deal, especially considering that 15 licenses for 1 PC for 1 year will cost just under $ 600. If you are interested, then keep reading our Total AV software review.

Mediocre Malicious Link Blocking

The best way to keep yourself safe from web threats is to make sure malware never gets into your computer. Some products block access to known malicious resources, others scan and detect malware at boot time, and others do both. Total AV does not have the function of blocking malicious sites.

British analytical lab MRG-Effitas has provided access to a list of the latest malicious links. When preparing the test, only links were selected that point directly to malicious executable files. When evaluating the antivirus, its reaction was recorded. It could weather block an address, delete a downloaded file, or ignore a threat.

Despite the fact that all links were new, many of them were already invalid, and some did not link to malicious files. Thus, the test continued until 100 test cases were recorded. Total AV removed only 27 percent of the downloaded malware, although the average score so far is 33 percent. Different antiviruses were tested with different sets of URLs, but they were all less than 4 hours old.

Malware Blocking is Average

Installing and updating the Total AV database went very quickly. In just a few minutes, the product was completely ready for testing. At the first stage of testing, a folder with the current collection of malicious samples was opened. Total AV immediately began to quarantine the detected threats. As a result, the product successfully cleared 61 percent of malware, which is a poor result. For example, Comodo Antivirus 7 removed 94 percent of the malicious samples, and VIPRE Antivirus 2014 completely coped with absolutely all threats.

At the second stage of the test, the blocking of modified malicious files was checked. All of them had different names, a different size due to the zeros added to the binary code and other service lines of code. Total AV failed to block 40 percent of the threats that were successfully neutralized in the first phase of the trial, which means that Total AV signatures have a low degree of flexibility.

Additional Functions

The Total AV additional functions cannot compensate for the product’s poor performance in basic antivirus tasks. The product contains a rootkit scanner (which was more logical to be built into an antivirus scanner), a vulnerability scanner, and a scanner for suspicious changes in important system zones. The user can call the virtual keyboard to prevent keylogging attempts. In addition, Total AV antivirus is able to delete browser files.

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