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BPM Core WiFi-Enabled Blood Pressure Monitor

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BPM Core is a soon-to-be-launched WiFi-enabled blood pressure monitor. This clinically-validated blood pressure monitor is more than just a monitor, though. Developed by two cardiologists that work in Paris hospitals, it also is an electrocardiogram and stethoscope, which enable a better chance of detecting silent heart conditions.

About BPM Core

This is one of the easiest blood pressure monitors to use. You strap the monitor on similar to other devices. Then, you press a button that delivers a three-in-one heart health checkup. The readings show up instantly on the device.

Blood Pressure Results

BPM Core results include systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Taking your blood pressure at home helps alleviate the fear of going to the doctor plus gives you an easy way to regularly track your hypertension.

Electrocardiogram Results

Using an electrocardiogram can help to detect atrial fibrillation. BPM Core delivers a medical-grade ECG because it uses three electrodes. Like your blood pressure tracking, you can get immediate results to find out if you show any signs of atrial fibrillation.

Digital Stethoscope Results

A digital stethoscope can help to detect valvular heart disease. BPM Core has a precise sound sensor and artificial intelligence capability that listen for heart sound frequencies that indicate how your heart valves are doing when it comes to opening and closing. The device can detect potential disturbances that may indicate you are at risk for common valvular heart diseases.

Shareable Data

One of the standouts of using this smart device is that, if you have the iOS version of its Health Mate App, then you can share the data with your physician. By sending your physician data about your blood pressure history and electrocardiogram results, you have a better chance of effectively managing hypertension and heart health.

Standout Features

Some features to note is the ability to share the device with up to eight people. It offers free data storage and unlimited access to all the data recorded on the BPM Core. Other standout features include a rechargeable battery, integration with Apple Health, and instant results that are easy to read on the clear LED screen. The Health Mate App can track activity, sleep, weight, heart, and environment.


While the Health Mate App works on Android devices, too, it doesn’t offer the ability to share the data with your physician yet.

In the Box

The BPM Core device comes with a micro-USB cable and installation guide. The Health Mate app is free and can be downloaded from an app store. You also get a free Withings account, which is where your data can be securely stored, accessed, and downloaded at any time.

Where to Buy

The cost is $249.95, and it will become available shortly. A travel case for $29.95 will also be available soon. It will come with free shipping, a 30-day return option, and a one-year warranty.

There is a link on Withings where you can put your name on the list to be one of the first to purchase the smart blood pressure monitor.

Overall Thoughts

Although this blood pressure monitor is more expensive than others on the market, it offers more functionality and features that greatly increase its value. It’s well worth the money to have this ability to track heart health and blood pressure from home, especially when it may be challenging to get to the doctor’s office.

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