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Strategizing for 2021 With Sentiment Analysis Using Product Review Data

strategizing 2021 analysis

2020 started with a lot of concern; individuals, businesses, and governments were all thrown into a state of confusion. COVID-19 ravaged the world and there was no known remedy.

2021, however, promises to be a year full of hope. Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have filed for emergency authorization in the US of their Covid-19 vaccine; the advanced trial showed the vaccine protects 94% of adults over 65.

With the view of a remedy at our reach, organizations will start strategizing for 2021. One thing we must learn to live with as a result of the pandemic is home working.

Most business will have to be conducted online as compared to before the pandemic. You will have to deal with the issue of more data that is going to be ferried from one spot to the other.

More than ever before, customer feedback will make a lot of difference in your products and services. You must consider the feelings and comments of your customers if you still want to be relevant and competitive in this “new� business landscape.

The business world is slowly getting used to big data; however, it is the source through which you get your data. One pertinent question you must be ready to answer is, do you have a strategy in place to enable you to gain useful insight into the data even when you have access to it?

Sentiment analysis using product review data

ResearchGate, in a study, revealed that more than 80% of Amazon product buyers trust online reviews in the same manner as word of mouth recommendations. There two channels through which you can get these online reviews: the first is review sites, while the second is social media.

While acquiring the data has been made easy, the data you get from these channels are, unfortunately, unstructured. To make any headway out of the data, you must put in several hours of human labor for structuring and analysis.

However, advancement in technology has made it relatively easy to deploy Natural Language Processing and machine learning into sentiment analysis using product review data. You can use several techniques and complex algorithms such as Linear Regression, Naive Bayes, and Support Vector Machines (SVM) are used to detect user sentiments such as sarcasm, context, and misapplied words.

When you use these techniques, the tool usually separates the reviews into positive, negative, or neutral tags. This will enable you to obtain the relevant insights within minutes.

The insights you have been able to obtain will indicate the needs of your customers and you can then use them for the following:

  1. Discover what your customers like and dislike about your product or service

Sentiment analysis using product review data will not only reveal the feelings of your customers towards your product; you will also understand what they think about your current approach. From this, you will know what improvements you have to implement.

You will have a clear insight into your customers’ mindset and how they interact with each other about your brand. The insights you gain from these will enable you to send content that resonates deeply with your target audience.

  1. Use your product reviews to know your status in the market.

Sentiments about your brand can shift radically and quickly, depending on what’s happening globally. For instance, the Cambridge Analytical Scandal was a big blow to Facebook; you can use sentiment analysis to appropriately monitor your brand’s status and focus on PR campaigns.

You will be able to shift and flex your efforts as quickly as the reviews.

  1. Develop actionable strategies to improve deficiencies

How do you package your product, for instance? Do you believe it has to be bigger or smaller? Can you afford to increase the price, taking into consideration a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic?

When you listen to your customers, you will know the step to take to boost engagement, raise satisfaction, and convert more customers to your brand.

  1. Boost customer conversion rate

While your effort must be geared at getting positive feedback, occasional negative feedback can also be useful. Since they are paying for your product or service, consider your customers as your most honest critics.

Their views are impactful and will help you to acquire new customers if you implement changes. Making adjustments based on insights from customer feedback will help you deliver better customer experiences, products, and services that will keep your customers coming back.

Once they are satisfied, they willingly spread the word to friends and family, bringing in new customers.

  1. Obtain real-time product insights anytime

Feedback through sentiment analysis using product review data is effortless and quick. It can provide you with real-time updates about how customers adjust to any recent change you may make.

  1. Improve service

The more you make positive changes to customer service, the more customers appreciate your gesture and become more loyal. To find out if these changes are necessary, you need to deploy aspect-based sentiment analysis. This will enable you to clinically dissect the problems that may or may not exist in your company.


It’s not just about having data; it’s about carrying out sentiment analysis using product review data. Sentiment analysis will give your brand the actual insight into the mindset of your customers.

Using the information in real-time enables your company to implement the necessary marketing strategies to become relevant and more competitive. You need to constantly watch and analyze the views of your customers because they can change their opinions quickly.

Customers can be erratic, but having a strategy in place that includes sentiment analysis in your digital marketing arsenal will go a long way to improve things.

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Arcade games Legends Gamer Pro Legends Gamer Pro arcade games Legends Gamer Pro review Product Reviews

Legends Gamer Pro: A New Way to Play Favorite Arcade Games

Legends Gamer Pro Review

In recent years, classic arcade games have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to Sega and other gaming companies. Now, AtGames has delivered its own take on connecting with these arcade games with its Legends Gamer Pro. Here is my review of this new gaming system.

About Legends Gamer Series

The Wireless Open and Connected Arcadeâ„¢ include the Gamer Pro ($249.99)and Gamer Mini ($99) available on the company’s website. There are three arcade controller options and a separate game console. This review focuses on the Legends Gamer control top, which is a wireless arcade controller that works with the included Streaming Arcade Console as well as many other devices. The Streaming Arcade Console plugs and plays on all types of television displays. TV.

There are 100 – 150 built-in, licensed arcade and console games. These games feature different genres, such as action, puzzles, sports, casino, fighting, platform, and shooter games just to name a few.


The AtGames Legends Gamer control panel has arcade controls, including eight action buttons for each player. There is an arcade trackball as well as two sets of flipper and action buttons to create an authentic virtual pinball environment.

The console also allows you to save, pause, and rewind your arcade games. You can track and save high scores as well as change aspect ratios. You can add gamepads to play PC titles or allow gaming for up to four players.

Set-up and Play

As you may know from my other reviews, I am big on easy installation. Easy installation means a plug and play environment. The instructions were not as clear as I would like them to be to help me get it set up quickly.  What took the most time was trying to wirelessly pair the fight stick controller and the core. The short cables also made it challenging.

You also have to use the joystick and buttons to input your WiFi login information. And, if you use complex credentials for your WiFi, it is going to feel like this takes forever. You also need to create an AtGames account for online leader boards, firmware updates, and the ArcadeNet game streaming service.

Legends Gamer Pro

What I Like and What Could Be Improved

What stands out is the design and materials quality. It’s sturdy and feels like it will lap no matter how often it’s used. You can keep the console on your lap or play it from a table. All the features feel just like the features used in an old arcade game that I used to play down at my local mall.

In the previous section, I noted some of my frustrations around setting up the gaming system. If this could be improved, it would make it easier to get up and gaming rather than take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Also, while there are a lot of games you haven’t heard of, these are generally okay to play. I would definitely like to see more arcade games added in the near future to keep me and the kids engaged.

However, there is another aspect that I like connected to the games, which is a feature called BYOG, or Bring Your Own Games. To use this game, you need to download free software to convert your homebrew games and ROMs to a format that is compatible with AddOnX. Look on YouTube for how to do this because, again, the instructions that came with the device are not helpful.

In the Box

You will get the gaming console, the core that connects to your television, a one-foot HDMI cable, and a micro USB power cable for the core device.

The box also contains a USB charging and data cable to charge the arcade fight stick and send data between the fight stick and the core device. However, you do have the option for wireless connection, by connecting the fight stick and core through Bluetooth.

Overall Thoughts

The Legends Gamer Pro is a fun gaming experience for anyone who wants to relive or discover the authentic-feeling arcade experience without buying an original and bulky arcade game. Although it is somewhat expensive for somewhat limited arcade game options, you can integrate other games through the BYOG feature. It’s a good choice to add to your holiday wish list!

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CRM CRM startups Marketing Product Reviews Sales sales automation

Top‌ ‌8‌ ‌Sales‌ ‌Automation‌ ‌Tools‌ ‌for‌ ‌Startups‌ ‌in‌ ‌2020‌ ‌

sales automation tools

Startups today have no time for routine tasks related to data entry and administration. This is where sales automation comes into play, which helps optimize your manual tiresome and time-consuming assignments. 

Marketing automation allows your sales assistants, managers, and CMOs to focus less on the organization of the whole marketing process and more on their direct function – selling.

Luckily, there is a wide choice of special tools that can help you automate lead lists building, send sales emails and follow-ups, schedule meetings and calls, and perform other tasks.

Why Is Sales Automation Important for Your Startup?

It Helps Save Effort and Time 

Marketing automation can help increase sales efficiency by 14.5% and decrease marketing expenditures by 12.2%. Besides, business owners, CEOs, and CMOs claim that the biggest advantage of sales automation for their company is saving time at 30%. 

With business administration getting tough these days, 68% of companies use marketing automation somehow. 

It Provides Insight Into the Effectiveness of the Sales Process

An increase in earnings (85%) and marketing productivity (69%) are the main reasons businesses want to implement automated lead nurturing. Moreover, 63% of companies are beating their rivals, thanks to sales automation.

It Helps Identify Sales-Ready Leads and Maintains Relationship with Leads

When used to nurture leads, marketing automation tools show an increase in qualified leads. The reason is simple – automated instruments give you detailed data about your prospects. This helps push every deal down the sales funnel and propose a personalized, data-driven offer so that your lead is more willing to make a buying decision.

It Helps Grow Revenue

As reported by 60% of users, implementing sales automation tools in their business has improved the number of leads that convert to deals. And this increase can be as high as 225%! Even just after one month of use, 3x more prospects can be converted to sales. 

Types of Sales Automation

Modern technologies and artificial intelligence can help you save way more time than you could imagine. If you automate routine tasks throughout each sales funnel stage, you will have enough freedom to focus on interesting and creative tasks. As a result, you will sell more.

You will be surprised at how much can be automated by software:

1. Automate Sales Prospecting

If you implement a dynamic CRM, you can use countless criteria to filter out the most suitable leads based on the required conditions. You can also get a personalized email, Slack notification, or in-app alert once a new lead matches your demands. Put differently; you will keep getting a prequalified list of contacts regularly without lifting a finger.

2. Streamline Processing and Enrich Your Lead Database

The more knowledge about the target audience and existing clients you have, the more powerful you are. Data about your lead’s job position, presence on social media, solutions their business provides, existing suppliers, etc., will help you successfully get in touch with them.

3. Stop Entering Data Into CRM Manually

Set up workflows in your marketing automation software to track records of your qualified leads automatically. For instance, you can determine all the contacts that have submitted the form or downloaded the price list as “qualified.�

4. Automate Your Email Campaigns

Do you still send each email manually to all your leads or copy and paste the same messages? Alternatively, try using email templates, personalize, and schedule letters for every client’s best conversion. You can try using tools like for that purpose.

5. Manage Marketing Collateral

Sales reps spend tons of time searching for useful content or writing texts to send to their leads. Ensure your business has a �orporate shared Google Drive folder where you store valuable files. This way, it will be easier for you to access the most important marketing documents, saving time during every contact with prospects.

6. Schedule Calls, Meetings, Mailouts, etc.

Planning a meeting with a sales lead over email can take time and reminds us of a tennis game. You suggest one meeting time to your prospect; they propose another option, then you offer a third solution, etc. This is tiresome and can also destroy the impulse in your sales negotiations.

Instead, you can use one of many meeting-scheduling tools (like Calendar, for example). They give your contacts direct access to your calendar and enable them to plan the meeting in any free time span if you dd customized scheduling links 2020 to your email messages and signatures. Most such tools grant free trials, so it is easy to study and test them.

7. Use AI-Powered Analytics of Sales Conversations 

If you want to analyze your calls, check your campaigns’ efficiency, and improve your sales approaches, try using sales communication AI-software. It allows you to quickly check what topics you discussed in a call, what rivals you mentioned, and study the talk-to-listen portion. Tools like Gong and Chorus pull out key pieces of your talks and give you AI-powered insights.

8. Automate Lead Management 

If you spend hours managing your CRM instead of making calls and bringing contracts, try automating all the activities related to prospects and deals. The market offers plenty of instruments to record your conversations, schedule meetings, and plan emails for you. Check if your current CRM offers workflow automation and start implementing it.

9. Manage Deals and Papers

Today, most of the contracts and offers are mailed and signed over the internet. Tools like Hellosign or Adobe Sign offer solutions for e-signing, lots of impressive analytics features, and functions that can help boost your conversion rates. 

This is just a small part of the many marketing activities that can be automated. In the age of AI and robots, all types of routine organizational tasks can be automated, while a real live contact with the prospective or existing client should remain to be carried out in person.

How to Choose the Best Sales Automation Tool?

Selecting the best tool or several tools that suit your needs might take some time, as many options on the market claim to be the best. We hope these pieces of advice will help you choose the best instruments for your business.

Decide What Processes You Would Like to Automate

Check all marketing processes you have at the moment. Does lead qualification take much of your daily routine? How much time do you spend on lead nurturing, prospect engagement, and content marketing daily? Do you schedule follow-up calls or send reminders manually? How long does it take to organize bulk seasonal offerings? 

There can be dozens of similar questions. Analyze your answers and think about what processes should not take so much time or where you can avoid manual work from you or your team.

Make a List of Essential Functions

After you’ve chosen the main processes, try to create a list of specific features you’ll require, such as email marketing automation or mobile availability. If you do not select features and must-have’s your business needs, you might end up with a complex product you cannot use. Choose the required functions and, after that, compare several platforms according to the list of criteria.

Finally, Test the Product in Practice

Once you have specified the must-have functions, prioritize them and shorten the list to several most important items. After that, compare the software once again to see which tool you can start using right now. It would be great to test-drive each platform by getting a free trial or an interactive demo to get a more comprehensive vision and make a more prepared decision. 

This might look like a lot of work, particularly if you are working hard to help your company survive. Still, experience proves – a couple of hours invested now will pay off a dozen times in the future. 

Top Sales Automation Tools

Snov.i0 is an integrated cold outreach automation platform used by sales departments, marketers, startups, and simply anyone who needs high-quality outbound research and outreach tools.

This all-in-one toolkit allows you to speed up creating and managing lists of prospects and bring your brilliant ideas directly to their inbox. It works for every stage of your marketing process:

  • Non-stop lead gen and verification. You can automate your lead generation, pump up your funnel with targeted leads, and accelerate conversions with this solution. It boasts 98% email deliverability thanks to the high quality of new and existing leads guaranteed by the 7-tier verification.
  • Nurture, engage, convert. Boost engagement with effective nurturing based on automated outreach. Personalized triggered email drip campaigns can help you easily convert leads and smoothly move them down the sales funnel. Schedule campaigns for existing clients, automate follow-ups and track email responses from your Gmail.
  • Study market rivals. research tools allow you to monitor what sets you apart from your competition and discover new ways to convert. You can check full company profiles and tech stack behind your rivals and leads. 
  • Grow and scale your business. Keep your efficiency always in control – sync across platforms with over 2,000+ powerful integrations. 

Pricing: offers unlimited freemium with credits that are renewed every month. Paid plans that start at $33 per month billed annually.


This marketing automation platform comes with some features that promise to help users generate more clicks and sales. Surprisingly easy-to-use and with a short learning curve, Moosend allows you to create and send email campaigns designed to respond to the prospect’s needs.

From user onboarding to abandoned cart sequences, this platform allows you to design workflows that make sense for your audience and lead prospects further down the sales funnel. 

Users can select any event to trigger the automation, such as visitors browsing a specific page or viewing a product, and set it in motion in a simple manner. What is more, you can test one of the ready-made automation workflow recipes.

Pricing: Moosend offers a free forever program for up to 1,000 subscribers that includes most features. Paid plans start at $8 per month billed annually.


There is nothing worse than a sales team getting a prospect to commit before month-end, only for the deal to get stuck in the contracting phase. Word documents fly back and forth, versions go missing, data is lost, and visibility is non-existent. 

Sales teams at high-growth startups are turning to new, in-browser tools to end this manual process. Juro is a contract collaboration platform that enables your team to self-serve, agree, and manage routine contracts at scale from one unified workspace.

Salespeople use a natural language Q&A flow to spin up a contract in seconds, from a template over which legal has oversight. They can even generate contracts directly from Salesforce, with two-way data sync making sure versions are the same in both platforms. 

Parties negotiate in-browser in the sidebar and can then eSign securely on any device to help salespeople close deals on the move. Post-signature analytics help stakeholders spot bottlenecks and friction to keep deals moving fast and make contract management data-driven.

Juro is used predominantly by high-growth tech startups with lots of contract volume, like Deliveroo, Wolt, and Babylon Health. 

Pricing starts at free, with bespoke plans depending on the integrations required.


Capturing leads is the first and most foundational step in the inbound-driven sales process. Paperform is a versatile form and page builder that might help you do just that: collect leads and kick off the conversation seamlessly and elegantly.

Paperform stands out among the alternatives thanks to its modern interface and customization features. It is easy to make forms and landing pages look unique and fit your company’s broader brand.

There are more than a hundred form templates available, so you will never have to start from scratch no matter what kind of form you are looking to build.

The built-in email automation feature makes Paperform even more useful. Your startup sales department is likely to have limited bandwidth, especially when responding to leads across different time zones.

You might leverage Paperform to send out automated yet highly-personalized emails to leads that submit your forms. Later, once the conversation is already ongoing, your sales reps can catch up quickly and take it further.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $15 per month.


Outfunnel is an email marketing tool with deep CRM integration. Whether you are using Pipedrive, Mailchimp, or Copper, it has you covered. You’ll be able to create drip or one-off campaigns with defined segments for your sales team using lead-scoring while automating and reducing tasks that were previously done manually. 

With dynamic sender information and smart workflows, Outfunnel will help you stay on top of your leads while continuously allowing you to build up relationships with your current and future customers.

Pricing: Outfunnel offers a free two-week trial. Paid plans start at $19 per month.


As an all-in-one customer communication tool, HelpCrunch allows businesses to automate numerous aspects of the sales process. Once you sign up for the tool and install its live chat widget, you can put inbound lead generation on autopilot.

First, HelpCrunch helps businesses engage their visitors proactively with the help of automated chat messages. You can offer help in your website’s strategic places, such as product, pricing, or checkout pages, and initiate conversations on your terms.

People will see a quick and convenient way to contact you and will not hesitate. Simultaneously, you can use live chat to collect leads’ contact information and pre-qualify them on the go with pre-chat and offline forms. Visitors will specify their names and email addresses and choose a department that will better cater to their needs.

While the shared inbox will contain all incoming requests in chronological order, sales reps can create their custom inboxes to filter conversations by their tags, assignees, departments, etc. This way, they will be able to assist warm leads on a first-priority basis.

To keep the conversation going, your team can follow up on their leads with the help of automated email sequences and accelerate deal closure.

Pricing: The ‘Live chat’ subscription by HelpCrunch is available for $12 per month per team member billed annually. If you want to enjoy the ‘Live chat + Emails’ plan, its pricing starts from $23 per month per team member.


Zapier is a tool that brings together all your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and more. You can automate repetitive tasks, and you do not need to know coding, or rely on developers to build the integration.

Create thousands of different workflows (Zaps), e.g., schedule events in your Google Calendar directly from new Trello cards, save your Gmail attachments to Dropbox, or post tweets across multiple Twitter accounts. 

Zaps consist of a trigger and one or more subsequent actions. A trigger is an event that initiates your workflow. Zaps automate your processes in the background, allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks. 

Zapier counts every task you run through your Zap. To decide which Zapier plan suits you best, you should keep in mind the number of tasks your Zaps run. 

Pricing: The service offers a free trial so that you can study some popular Zap templates. Paid plans start at $19,99 per month billed annually.


Hootsuite is an SMM platform that supports social network integrations for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The tool helps you boost your organic and paid ads’ effectiveness with the Hootsuite automated ad solution. 

Hootsuite allows you to advertise on social media easily. Manually or automatically, you can target key audience segments or market niches by age, location, and user interests. The tool can help you reach more of your social media audience, monitor feedback about your brand and rivals, and use social analytics to make data-driven business decisions.

Besides, its mobile apps allow you to manage your presence on social networks from any location. You can also connect your existing instruments with over 250+ apps and integrations in a single toolbox. 

Pricing: A 30-days free trial is available. Paid plans start at $19 per month.

Wrapping it up

Nowadays, more and more businesses realize the power of sales and marketing automation tools and implement them in their workflows. Accordingly, new instruments in this market niche are emerging a dime a dozen. 

Analyze your needs and select the best toolkit that will help you seamlessly automate your whole sales funnel: lead generation, nurturing, engagement, follow-ups, conversion, and growing a loyal audience.

Image Credit: Ola Dapo; Pexels

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Product Reviews stationary bike reviews UREVO Indoor cycling bike UREVO indoor spin bike UREVO stationary bike review

UREVO Indoor Stationary Bike: A Comfortable Ride and Challenging Workout

Urevo Indoor Spin Bike

With all this remote work, it feels like we have become even more sedentary, simply replacing sitting in a car during a commute for sitting longer in front of our devices at home or on the sofa. To get us up and moving, UREVO has introduced an indoor stationary spin bike.

Priced at $199.99 and available on Amazon, I was instantly drawn to the comfort of the ride and the challenging workout it gave me. Here’s my review.

Features and Performance

The spin bike can be personalized to your preferences, including adjustable handlebar, seat height, and resistance. The bike comes with an LCD monitor to easily track distance, time, speed, and calories burned. The seat can be easily adjusted to go either up and down or front and back.

The bike also comes with a free floor mat, which is great to put down on the carpet or hard flooring to protect the flooring while helping keep the bike in-place.

The aluminum alloy cage style pedals can be adjusted to accommodate different foot sizes. It also provides good traction so my foot doesn’t slip.

Other features include a bottle holder and tablet holder, which also kept me on the bike longer. I had my drink and entertainment to distract me from the challenging ride.

Urevo Indoor Cycling Bike


Available in black or white, this is a smooth-riding, sturdy stationary bike that is quiet but yet can really push me to a good workout. Its design features a belt-driven system along with a steel frame and heavy weighted flywheel. The brake pad is made of pure wool to decrease the noise level.

It offers continuous infinite resistance adjustment so it feels like real road cycling. To stop, all you have to do is pull the emergency brake lever and it will stop immediately.

What I Like and What Could Be Better

The bike was challenging and comfortable, which motivated me to keep using it and enjoying a much longer bike ride. I also like its safety features like the resistance bar that will immediately stop the flywheel. It was also easy to put together and lightweight enough to move around the house. For storage, it also doesn’t take up too much room.

The bike does only hold a person up to 260 pounds so it may not be made for some who want to drop pounds over that limit.

Overall Thoughts

The UREVO offered a comfortable indoor riding experience with an ergonomic design that gives me no excuses for not working out. This is a high-quality bike that is fairly priced. I like that it also comes with one year of free parts replacement. It’s easy to assemble, move, and use.

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Aeris 3-in-1 Aair Pro AI breathe easy Health Product Reviews Smart Home smart home devices Tech

Aeris 3-in-1 Aair Pro: Fighting Against Coronavirus from Your Living Room

air purifier

Living in California I’ve tested many air purifiers. Between the recent uptick in wildfires as well as the threat of Covid-19, peace of mind in breathing good air has saved my bacon more than once. Recently I got to try out the Aeris 3-in-1 Aair Pro — and color me impressed!

Aeris is fairly new to the US — and gaining in popularity. The Aeris brings to mind the mantra never send a small air purifier to do a big air purifier’s job.

The high performance of the Aeris 3-in-1 leaves most other purifiers (literally) in the dust.

3-in-1 Aeris Aair Pro

The 3-in-1 Aeris Air Pro gets its name from the three layers of filtration Aeris has incorporated into its replaceable filter, in essence performing the job of three purifiers.

The first filter is a protective pre-filter, designed as the first line of defense against larger particulates.  The next layer is activated charcoal, designed specifically to capture gases and odors.

The final layer is its True HEPA filter that stops particles clear down to a tenth of a micron, protecting you from viruses that are on all of our minds these days.


Coming in at just under $1000, the 3-in-1 is not the cheapest on the market, but the extra cost does bring some bang for your buck.

The unit boasts a 750 square foot cleaning area, which is saying something for its modest size. Standing just below 24â€� tall and about a 15×15â€� square, it takes up only a bit more space than other air purifiers.

Admittedly, the unit was heavier than I expected, coming in at about forty pounds, but it likely isn’t something you’re going to be moving too frequently. The filter itself, on average, lasts you about a year and is, at the time of writing, $199 to replace.




Something that I really liked in the Aeris is that it notes the actual air quality index rating (AQI). Most purifiers only give you a generic rating that will, at most, indicate general levels from “healthy” to “very unhealthy,” often using colors for these blanket categories.

The Aair 3-in-1 actually shows you the indoor air quality rating on the unit while the app will display both the indoor and outdoor air quality.


In addition to all the other particulates and pollutants that are removed from the air, it comes as some relief that the 3-in-1 Aair Pro has been tested specifically against Covid-19. Tests indicate that 94% of coronavirus was removed within two hours.

Side note: I was initially concerned that the testing noted “feline coronavirus.” Upon further research, Feline coronavirus/Munich Strain is the alternative virus strain that is used as industry-standard testing because of its close relation to Covid-19, while being non-transmittable to humans.


Aeris has also developed an AI that will learn with age. So, the longer you use it the better it will be at analyzing environmental patterns and household habits to boost its performance. While I haven’t yet noticed a difference I look forward to seeing the improvements listed in my air-quality over time.

Air Quality Over Time

No Ozone

A large issue with many air purifiers is the generation and release of ozone. While these other purifiers may be purifying your air, removing pollutants, allergens, pollens, bacteria, mold, or other particulates — a hidden danger of air-purifying is the release of toxic ozone gases.

The Aeris 3-in-1 is designed to prevent the release of ozone. Having the quality of “NO-ozone” protects those in at-risk groups of asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Environmental Changes

Of all the air purifiers I’ve used and tested over the years, I’ve never had one notice (and respond) when I’m cooking. It stands to reason that off-gassing and carcinogenic changes would be occurring while you cook — but this was the first time that an air purifier that did anything about it.

I took bread out of the oven, and within a minute of opening the oven, the Aeris sprung to life in the other room. The Aeris gave me just a small note — but that is really cool.


While there were many great aspects about the 3-in-1, there was one con that really stood out to me. At present, Aeris doesn’t allow more than one user to be signed into the account through the app.

In the event that you try to log on from another phone or device, the app will actually kick off any user currently logged into the app.

I reached out to customer service and they were wonderful and quick to respond (A+ to their CX team). Sadly, it also doesn’t seem to be an upcoming feature to change that anytime soon.

Only one signed-in user may be a real dealbreaker for many households who have multiple partners, roommates, or children who need to be able to access and control the unit’s settings.

While you can increase fan speed and put into Smart Mode from the unit itself, it was a bit of a bummer to not be able to do so from the app on more than one phone.

One other minor thing to note is that the light of the unit does not turn off when in night mode which may make you reconsider putting the device in bedrooms — or remember you slumber mask.

Additional Notes

Modes: The device features a Manual, Smart, and Night mode. I generally keep mine in smart mode, with a few scheduled “Quick Cleans” now and then.

Noise: Smart mode’s low fan setting is almost impossible to tell it’s on. The Aeris is very quiet on the low settings. That being said, the unit can also pack a punch in the higher fan settings during Quick Clean.

Customer Service: A+

Unit Functions: You can see indoor AQI, raise or lower fan speeds, turn on Smart Mode, or power off.

App Functions: Indoor and outdoor AQI, change device mode settings (Night, Smart, Manual), view filter status. Analytics (Hourly, Daily, Monthly). Schedule modes, change account settings, contact customer service.

Connectivity: I was pretty impressed with the connectivity. I only had to connect the unit to the internet once, and it hasn’t disconnected.

specs on Aeris Aair Pro

The Specs:

Room Size: 750 ft²

Fine Particule CADR: Up to 390 cfm

Gas-Phase CADR: Up to 115 cfm

CCM: P4/F4

Fan: EBM papst

Power: 25W (avg) | >50W (max)

Noise: 35 – 65 dB(a)

WiFi Connectivity: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

PM2.5/PM10 Sensor: aeris asense

Filter Class: F7 and H13

Gas Filter: Active charcoal and active alumina

Filter Layers: 3

Dimensions: 14.56×15.23×23.62 in

Weight: ~36lbs

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed this air purifier. The Aeris 3-in-1 Aair Pro is a big air purifier, with even bigger results.

Easily handling 750 feet squared areas, and giving you peace of mind in knowing your home’s AQI. While it may be on the more expensive end of home air purification, this is one to seriously consider adding to your home.

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Bedsure Product Reviews

Bedsure Mattress Toppers Review


Sleep is often elusive for many, so it’s a priority to find a sleep solution that delivers a comfortable night and a quality slumber. Recently, I was introduced to Bedsure, a company that offers premium, affordable bedding solutions like their new memory foam mattress toppers

I received one of each to try on a couple of our beds. Here is my review of both:

S-Curve Design with Bedsure Mattress Toppers

What makes the S-curve mattress toppers from Bedsure stand out is their S-Curve design. This ergonomic design is intended to support parts of the body and optimize spinal support. The idea is that the “S� shape reflects the natural curves of the human body to address where the most support is needed to ensure proper alignment for the spine and neck.

Mattress Topper Features

Other aspects of this sleep solution products helped me enjoy better quality sleep. While other mattress toppers only have one standard type of foam, Bedsure uses memory foam and standard foam for additional firmness and comfort.

Bedsure Mattress Toppers

Innovative Memory Foam Spring

The Memory Foam Spring Mattress Topper has three different layers of material. The first layer is high-quality memory foam while the second layer features an innovative cylinder-shaped memory foam spring. Then, the third layer is made with standard foam, providing a foundation for the other two layers.

I enjoyed Bedsure’s Memory Foam Spring mattress topper more because it was more breathable and cooler. It had more of a bounce to it. Plus, it’s noiseless which is important and helps keep my spouse happy.

It also contains 30% bamboo fiber to provide a cool, breathable feel. It adapts to the temperature so you can enjoy the right feel all year round. The mesh not only helps with breathability, but it also serves as an anti-slip device.

With easily found zippers, it’s easy to remove and wash the mattress topper. It is also hypoallergenic, so it repels dust and allergens. As a seasonal allergy sufferer, this was an important feature.

Bedsure Mattress Toppers Certification

Bedsure Mattress Toppers Certification

Bedsure’s mattress toppers are CertiPUR-US Certified and Oeko-Tex Certified. The CertiPur-US Certification means that the product adheres to rigorous emissions, content, performance, and durability standards. On the health and safety side, the Oeko-Tex Certification indicates that the top mattress topper is free of more than 100 harmful substances.

Where to Buy a Bedsure Mattress

The mattress toppers are available through the company’s website and their Amazon store. Prices range from $180 (Queen) to $200 (King) for the S-curve mattress topper and $220 (Queen) to $260 (King) for the memory foam spring mattress topper.

Other Products

Bedsure also offers bedding sets that fit nicely with the mattress toppers. These bed sets are also available through the company’s website and Amazon store.

Overall Thoughts

The Bedsure mattress toppers helped with back pain that often leads to tossing and turning. I firmly believe that the ergonomic design of the S-curve mattress topper provided better spine support and alleviated pressure so I could sleep better. And the memory foam spring mattress topper is both soft and firm, catering to all sleep preferences. It is quiet, comfortable, and restful for all.

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Cell phone booster on the road HiBoost cell phone booster travel kit HiBoost travel kit review Product Reviews travel cell phone booster kit review

HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Travel Kit: A Stronger Cell Phone Signal On the Go

HiBoost Travel Kit

Previously, I reviewed HiBoost’s cell phone booster kit that works for the home. After the improvements it created for my cell phone signal at home — I was eager to try their HiBoost Travel 4G 2.0 RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit that is ideal for recreational vehicles (RVs).

Priced at $449.99 and available at Amazon, (you can save 20% off with the code 2026RN5C on Amason).

The HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Travel Kit amplifies 2 GSM, 3G & 4G LTE signals in recreational vehicles and supports Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and all other American carriers. It als0 supports Canadian carriers, such as Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, and Freedom Mobile.

How it Works

The HiBoost Travel booster intercepts the signal from the closest cell phone tower and then amplifies it. From there,  it re-transmits the signal to cell devices within your vehicle.

Product Features

Numerous features power this travel cell phone booster, including full support of LTE, 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. It also fully supports multiple simultaneous users while they are all on the road together.

Design and Performance

Certified by IC and the FCC, this Bluetooth/WiFi-enabled cell phone booster is rugged and made for the travel experience. It has an industrial level design and sturdy metal construction. Its design also helps effectively dissipate heat from the main unit.


The company’s cloud-based app provides an easy way to monitor the status of your HiBoost Travel signal boosting service across devices using it.

What I Like

What I like about it is why I got it, which is it provides the cell phone boost that it claims to do for the price. And, that is worth its weight in gold as my family and I like to take RV holidays but want to make sure we can get cell phone service and connection for all our devices.

HiBoost Travel Booster Kit

What Could Be Better

Despite my love of tech gadgets, I’m not a big fan of complex installations. I’m a plug and go kind of guy. It took many searches of the user manual and considerable time to get the optimal location for the antennas and then the mounting work. Overall, this is my only negative comment.

In the Box

The HiBoost Travel kit comes with the cell phone signal booster, a full-roof mounting kit with an Omni-directional antenna, a vehicle interior mounting kit with a magnetic antenna, a 110v wall power supply, and a DC 12v vehicle power outlet supply. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

Overall Thoughts

At first glance, you might think it’s expensive. Still, once you have a cell phone and device booster that works this well, including fast download speeds, no dropped calls or lost connections, and good voice capability, you will see what a significant and valuable return on investment it offers.

Most of us used to dread hitting the road in our RVs, knowing we might not have the cell service and connectivity that we enjoy at home. Now, I don’t have to worry and can work, chat, and game from the road. My family also loves it.

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Product Reviews robot vacuum reviews Tesvor S6 robot vacuum Tesvor S6 robot vacuum review

Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation 2700Pa Auto-Charging Robot Vacuum: Versatile and Efficient Cleaning

Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum

The Tesvor S6 is a powerful robot vacuum that can handle multiple surfaces and debris types. Priced at $299.99 on Amazon with free shipping, this robot vacuum makes a case for a much more affordable robot vacuum option compared to the well-known brands. Here is my review.

Features and Technology

This robot vacuum has considerable technology and functionality. First, its artificial intelligence-driven laser navigation technology helps the vacuum to detect obstacles accurately. The technology also records all areas where it needs to vacuum, making a room map to clean it properly.

Second, it has the option to switch between normal power, max power and boost the power on both an automatic and manual basis. It will detect what type of flooring surface it needs to clean. A strong cleaning in normal mode can be completed in just under two hours for an average room.

Third, it is a WiFi-connected robot vacuum cleaner, so it works with Alexa and Google Home. You can give it direction through those devices or use the free app from the vacuum cleaner company.

Finally, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the charging base after cleaning is completed, or the power supply is insufficient.

What I Like and What Could Be Better

We suggest using low- to medium-pile carpets, tile, laminated, and hardwood floors. Not suitable for long-pile carpet.

In the Box

The robot vacuum comes with a docking station, battery, clean roller brush, side brushes, and a dust box.

Where to Buy

As I previously mentioned, you can buy the robotic vacuum on Amazon. It’s also available on the company’s website, but it costs a bit more.

Overall Thoughts

The Tesvor S6 robot vacuum offers exceptional value through its efficient and varied cleaning ability, durability, technology, and power. It definitely gives those other robot vacuums something to worry about.

The Tesvor S6 is a robot vacuum with a large-capacity dust bin, smart compatibility, remote control, and good cleaning performance. In our tests, it was able to remove 95% of all debris we tested it against. The LIDAR system enables strong navigation while cleaning. It also has the option to be paired with a mopping kit and used as a robot mop. Check Price


  • Up to 120-minute run time (90-120 minutes, depending on suction power)
  • Advanced straighter navigation and digital smart mapping
  • Optional mopping capability (tank sold separately)


  • Struggled with cleaning fine debris, like sugar

Cleaning Performance

To put this vacuum to the test, we ran a cleaning run on three different floor types and against a mix of 4 different debris, including rice, sugar, cereal, and kitty litter.

The three different floor types we test on include:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Low pile carpet
  • High pile carpet

The cleaning performance of the Tesvor robot was pretty good on all floor types. The only noticeable area where it struggled was cleaning fine debris from the carpet (i.e., granulated sugar).





Low Carpet


High Carpet


What’s our process?

Each debris type was spread across our testing lane. The base surface of our testing lane is an engineered hardwood floor. We slide in a low pile and high pile carpet insert on top of the hardwood floor for our carpet tests.

Cleaning test debris types
Testing Debris – From left to right: Rice (3 oz.), Kitty Litter (3 oz), Cereal (1 oz), Sugar (3 oz)

Our vacuum cleaning process strives to be as consistent, fair, and true to real-world use as possible. Our tests utilize the following procedure:

  1. Measure the weight of the testing debris
  2. Spread the respective debris type evenly across the central portion of the testing lane.
  3. Run the vacuum cleaner over the testing lane.
  4. Measure the weight of the debris that the vacuum removed from the lane.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

When cleaning hardwoods, the Tesvor did an excellent job, removing up to 99% of all debris that was tested. It left a small bit of sugar where the vacuum stopped cleaning, but it’s very minor for the most part.

Tesvor cleaning performance on hardwood floors
Tesvor cleaning performance on hardwood floors

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

When testing on low pile carpet, this vacuum cleaned about 90% of the debris on low pile carpet.

Tesvor cleaning performance on low pile carpet floors
Tesvor cleaning performance on low pile carpet floors

Visually, it looked good and captured all of the larger debris or debris on the surface. But finer debris or particles sunken deeper into the carpet fibers were not as easily cleaned.

The Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum is one of the best robot vacuums you can buy. By reading through this quick review, you will learn all about the robot vacuum and whether or not it offers what you are looking for!

Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Review
Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum

Super Easy-To-Use

The Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum is super easy-to-use. You can connect your smartphone or smart home device to the robot vacuum due to offering Wi-Fi functionality. By connecting these devices to the robot vacuum, you can access the robot vacuum from either of those devices, allowing you to access the robot vacuum just about anywhere.

Many people choose to use their smartphones to access and control the robot vacuum. The reason for this is, most likely, due to smartphones being more popular than smart home devices. By using your smartphone, you can access the robot vacuum just about anywhere.

If you choose to use a smart home device to access and control this robot vacuum, you will have access to various voice control features. These voice control features include turning on the vacuum with your voice and activating a vacuum mode with your voice. Those features, among various others, allow for an extremely convenient vacuuming experience.

Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum
Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum

Excellent Laser Navigation Technology

Just as the name of this robot vacuum implies, it uses laser navigation technology. The laser navigation technology within this robot vacuum allows it to navigate through all manner of large – and small, for that matter – spaces that are filled with objects and obstacles.

The use of its laser navigation systems can map out these spaces and what is within the spaces. Doing so allows the robot vacuum to develop plans for each space, ensuring that every space within your home is vacuumed thoroughly and efficiently.

Fantastic Vacuuming Power

Most robot vacuums, it must be said, lack the suction and brushing power necessary for intensive vacuuming. Most of the robot vacuums at the price point of the Tesvor S6 lack the suction and brushing power that other, more expensive robot vacuums.

Tesvor S6 Laser
Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum

Most robot vacuums do, but not all. The Tesvor S6 offers 2700Pa of suction power and, by doing so, can thoroughly vacuum and clean just about any surface. Vacuuming on hard floors is extremely easy, and so is vacuuming on soft floors, such as rugs and carpets. As a result of this, you can use this robot vacuum to clean all of your floors thoroughly.

Very Useful “Zone Cleaning� Feature

If you use the smartphone or smart home app that this robot vacuum offers, you can access a beneficial “zone cleaning� feature. The zone cleaning feature allows you to choose individual spaces that you want the robot vacuum to clean. By doing this, you can direct the robot vacuum to clean only what you need to clean, ensuring that the experience is aligned with your expectations and needs.

Tesvor S6 Review
Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum

Conclusion: A Fantastic Robot Vacuum!

In the end, the Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum is fantastic. It is affordable, well-designed, and very efficient. This robot vacuum will be a great purchase for you.

Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum
Tesvor S6 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum

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best gaming headset gaming headset reviews Patriot Viper gaming headset Patriot Viper gaming headset review Product Reviews

Viper V380 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset: Powerful and Affordable

Viper V380 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset
Priced at $75, the Patriot Viper V380 gaming headset is an affordable option among the available USB gaming headsets. As an avid gamer, I thought I would check out this headset from one of the most well-known brands in the market with many models to choose from.

A Standout Design

Straight out of the box, I already liked how it looked because it looked as though it was for gaming, especially the customized RGB lighting system. The “Streamer” RGB effect slowly cycles through many colors. Other lighting effects include “Constant,” “Breathe,” “Neon,” and “Rhythm.”

It has unusually shaped, metal-meshed ear cups — they are square — and a detachable microphone. The microphone is also Omni-directional and noise-canceling.

The earphones felt large at first, but they ended up being very comfortable. I have no problem wearing headphones for many hours of gameplay because of their ergonomic design. They are easy to adjust and feel very durable.


The headset delivers 7.1 virtual surround sound through Cmedia’s Xear 3D technology.  The sound and access to controls are some of the best aspects of this gaming headset.


The Patriot Viper V380 gaming headset can be configured through the official Windows driver software.  You can download the Viper software from the company’s website along with a full manual on the gaming headset.

What I Like and What Could Be Better

These headphones are built well, comfortable, and offer overall good sound quality. The microphone is decent. The intuitive on-board controls are also excellent. There is also no feedback, which is great.

In terms of things that could be improved, the 7.1 virtual surround sound needs some work. Also, the software driver could have a better visual overhaul. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend the headset for streaming..

In the Box

Where to Buy

You can buy the gaming headset from the company’s website as well as Amazon, Fry’s Electronics, and Newegg.

Overall Thoughts

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Product Reviews

URGOnight: New Sleep Device to Improve Sleep Quality


Sleep has been more difficult in recent years for many people due to a more hectic life and greater life stresses. Now, with the recent pandemic, sleep has become even more elusive for some. While there are sleep assist apps already available, nothing quite matches the unique approach to improved sleep quality like URGONight. Recently, I received the product directly from URGOTECH to try it out. Here’s my review.


URGOTECH is a health-tech start-up that is part of the URGO Group, an international healthcare group headquartered in France. It develops and markets connected health innovations focused on biofeedback that offer home therapy with accessible, side-effect-free products. All their products are designed to improve the quality of life.


As the world’s first daytime sleep training system, the sleep training device uses neurofeedback therapy. It is designed to train the brain to produce the brainwaves clinically associated with sleep. In doing so, users can improve their sleep quality without the aid of any drugs or medicine. The training system is intended to help people fall asleep faster and cut nighttime interruptions by half.

How it Works

URGOnight has a wearable Electroencephalogram (EEG) headband and app, it helps people naturally learn to increase the brainwaves that impact sleep by using real-time brain activity displays, audio and visual cues, and rewards.

During the night, the brain emits waves that control multiple aspects of sleep. These aspects include how fast a person falls asleep, length and quality of sleep cycles, and how sleep is protected from things that can disrupt it like sounds.

Brainwave frequency can be increased by increasing the frequency of sensorimotor rhythm(SMR) brainwaves produced during the daylight hours. URGOnight can detect those SMR brainwaves and show the user how to control them to accelerate falling asleep at night while reducing the number of times they wake up.

Users wear an adjustable headband during the day, which uses sensors to measure brainwave activity.  The headband is to be worn 20 minutes a day for three times a week. Although I thought it would feel awkward, the headband was quite light and the electrodes are dry so I don’t have to stick some gel on my forehead to apply them.

URGOnight app

The App

The headband gets connected to an iOS or Android app. Within the app, I could see my brainwaves in real-time before starting the 20 minutes of brain training exercises that I had to do while wearing the headband.

In the games, I am assigned tasks, which are intended to trigger when SMR brainwaves are produced. Then, after doing the 20 minutes of games, I can see the results.  There were many games to keep me entertained.

The app has a virtual coach that explains the process, games, and results. The games are supposed to adjust to the individual user to make sure the brain is continually challenged and learning.


The company notes that it can take anywhere between 15 and 40 sessions to start noticing a change in sleep quality. For me, I could feel the changes in my sleep quality about 20 sessions in.  I felt more rested and did not remember waking up as much as I had previously done.

Where to Buy

URGONight is available now and is priced at $499. You can purchase it at the URGOnight website. Soon, it will also be available on Amazon.

Overall Thoughts

Although it is priced fairly for the technology and results it delivers, it’s not a sleep aid that is within most people’s budgets. Outside of a higher price, the URGOnight is an incredible solution for sleep issues. The headset is easy to get used to and doesn’t feel awkward after the first few times wearing it because it is lightweight and the games are so distracting. The time wearing it goes very quickly, too, making it seem like such a simple, effective way to improve sleep that doesn’t involve having to deal with any device or medicine at night.


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