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Top Lead Generation Tools to Grow Your Business

lead generation tools

While the COVID-19 global pandemic has compelled most businesses to cut their expenses, there is an even more compelling need for balancing accounts, inventory management, and avoiding customer churn. Even the marketing sector has undergone a huge paradigm shift with automated lead generation for better and deeper reach amongst the masses.

Lead generation is one of the most important elements of B2B marketing and is consequential for the growth and thriving of a business. But, then again, is Lead Gen really such a difficult task?

The process of Lead Gen begins with identifying and reaching the right consumer masses, getting them to visit your website, product, and service catalog, and convincing them to purchase for lead conversion. It doesn’t end here as you have to put constant efforts to nurture these leads for a lifetime.

The way to begin is to have the right lead generation tools. These tools are consequential and have distinguishing features that you will want to explore.

Features of Lead Generation Tools

Here are some of the common features that a lead generation tool must-have.

1. Usability

Top lead generation tools offer impeccable ease-of-use and make the entire job of spreading the word across the masses easier and better. They don’t require core technical aptitude or coding skills for the best results.

2. Platform Integration

The modern business landscape integrates different types of business software and automation that work in close association to achieve the desired business outcomes. So, all the top lead generation tools offer seamless integration across all the major platforms for effortless working.

3. Diverse Functionality

Best lead generation software has a diverse set of features and functionalities for holistic and comprehensive support to marketers. From analytics to reporting and from lead flows to landing pages – lead generation tools come with a rich toolbox for marketers.

4. Landing Page Builders

As per Forbes, businesses with more than 40 landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with five or lesser landing pages. Further, landing pages with videos can increase your conversions by 80%.

And, these stats indicate the importance of having a robust and reliable landing page builder tool. When you can automate the entire process, you automate lead conversion, which is certainly a major business growth driver.

5. Marketing Dashboards

All-inclusive marketing dashboards for B2B and B2C marketers are yet another important feature offered by the top lead generation tools. These dashboards are equipped with everything a marketer might need for lead generation, marketing automation, lead management, account-based marketing, and much more.

After having a brief overview of the various important features of lead generation software, let us move on to explore its different types.

Types of Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools can be broadly divided into the following categories:

1. Email Marketing Tools

These tools offer unparalleled performance when it comes to online lead generation and is among the best online lead generation tools.

2. Email Lookup Tools

They prove to be extremely useful when you need to connect with people that are not on your email list. These tools allow you to find their email addresses and contact details and help you connect with them.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools automate tasks such as social media posting, email marketing, and ad campaigns, etc. Hence, they not only improve work efficiency, but they also help marketers in offering more personalized customer experiences.

4. Calendar Scheduling

The calendar scheduling tools help you overcome the challenges of scheduling meetings and by-pass the back-and-forth email chains. They give your prospects more flexibility and keep your calendar packed effortlessly.

5. Form Collection Tools

Form collection tools do the task of collecting email addresses and other personal contact details of your website visitors that can be your prospective customers. They help you create the email lists for drip campaigns and content promotion, etc.

6. PopUps

Popups do an incredible job when it comes to grabbing the attention of your visitors. They also collect email addresses and other personal details.

7. Live Chat

Live chat tools allow you to cater to your website visitors in many ways. From grabbing the attention via chat prompts to displaying the messages regarding the latest deals, to solving queries, etc. – they allow potential customers to get in touch with your team in a quick manner.

8. Inbound Lead Generation Tools

These tools help you bring more leads to your website and other channels. It involves creating content and campaigns to drive more traffic to your website, which leads to conversions.

9. Contests

Contest tools are great for creating brand awareness and getting the participants and people, in general, to sign up for your email list. Once done, you can continue to add them to your email drip campaigns.

10. Marketing Management Tools

The marketing management tools help you maximize lead generation, measure performance, and improve the quality of leads.

11. Social Media and Forum Tools

When it comes to collecting leads from social media channels and forums, these tools offer the best assistance by collecting the email addresses and other contact information from social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Now, let’s dive in and take a quick look at the top lead generation tools and what makes them worthy of their ranking.

Top Lead Generation Tools

Without further ado, let’s look at the best lead-gen tools.

1. Qualaroo

top lead generation tools Qualaroo

Qualaroo is one of the top lead generation tools that are smart and allows you to ask the right question at the right time and gather quality feedback from your customers and visitors.

You can show the surveys and popup lead generation forms on your website as well. You can target the customers via specific actions, events, behavioral patterns, cookies, location, and even the data received from your apps.

It offers advanced targeting and a unique feature – Qualaroo Nudges that improve your response rates as well.


There are three plans – FREE, ESSENTIALS ($25 pm), and PREMIUM ($50 pm). You can use any one of them for free for 15 days.

2. ProProfs Chat

top lead generation tools ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is one of the top inbound lead generation tools that optimizes your sales funnel. It allows you to capture qualified leads and saves them to a CRM software of your choice. One unique feature is the “announcements” via which you can share the upcoming events, sales, updates, and new product launches with your website visitors.

It offers multi-faceted engagement tactics that your sales team can use to identify upsell opportunities.

You can use ProProfs Chat to create a highly reliable lead generation system that comes with important features such as a customized pre-chat form by which you can collect data and direct the incoming visitor queries to the right teams or departments.


There are three plans – FREE, ESSENTIALS ($12.75), and PREMIUM ($17). You can use any one of them for free for 15 days.

3. AeroLeads

best lead generation tools AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an internet-based lead generation tool that allows you to capture qualified leads in the form of company details and email addresses. It sits as a sleek Google Chrome plug-in and allows you to add the contact details to a lead management page.

You can search and add the contact details collected by the AeroLeads plug-in to see them on the lead management page finally. Next, you can edit, filter, and sort the collected leads easily. It can be easily integrated with other major platforms and software.


You can select from their four plans- TAKE OFF ($49 pm), CLIMB ($149 pm), CRUISE ($499 pm), ENTERPRISE (Price decided on a call with the team)

4. Mediatoolkit

best lead generation tools Mediatoolkit

Mediatoolkit is an online media monitoring and analysis tool that can help you learn about all your social media mentions 24X7 from any source in the world.

You can automate your social media and website monitoring and filter the results via powerful search filters, such as Tags, Boolean Search, Location filters, and Language filters, etc.

It has a unique data analysis dashboard that helps you do the sentiment analysis, influence scoring, and generate excel data sheets for reporting and assessment. You can create custom alerts and save your data in various forms such as PDF files or excel sheets etc.


There are four plans, Pro: 117$ pm, Medium Business: 444$ pm, Enterprise: 1100$ pm, Agency: Pricing on call.

5. ProProfs Survey Maker

top lead generation tools ProProfs Survey Maker

A cloud-based software, ProProfs Survey Maker, empowers you to gather qualified leads and capture their recurring troubles.

The software comes with an impeccable knowledge base and a huge library of questions that allow you to understand the purchase intent, exit intent, and overall experience of your customers and prospects.

It allows you to customize the customer interactions and comes with a fantastic survey distribution system that distributes surveys via email, website, social media, and embedded links.

So, the odds of you reaching the relevant prospects are higher and better.


There are three plans – FREE, ESSENTIALS ($50 pm), and PREMIUM ($100 pm). You can use any one of them for free for 15 days.

6. LeadQuizzes

best lead generation tools Leadquizzes

LeadQuizzes is another impressive online quiz maker that is one of the best lead generation software for SMEs and start-ups.

The marketers can create surveys, increase their leads, and learn about their customer behavior without needing a developer. The tool comes with powerful popup controls that allow you to capture more leads and data from your website.


There are three plans – Standard: $49, Pro: $99, Premium: $249.

7. Poptin

best lead generation software Poptin

Poptin lets you create engaging forms and popups for your websites within minutes and helps you make an offer that your customers cannot refuse.

It helps you reduce shopping cart abandonment by offering popups and boosts visitor engagement by conducting surveys and collecting feedback. You can make user-relevant offers for better-personalized experiences and make use of the autoresponder emails to send coupons or welcome emails to improve customer experience.

Poptin allows you to create Email forms, Advanced forms, and Contact forms, etc., for improved lead generation.


There are four plans to choose from – FREE Plan, Basic Plan ($19), Pro Plan ($49), Agency ($99)

8. RollWorks

best lead generation software Rollworks

RollWorks is an account-based platform that is perfect for B2B marketers and ABM solution seekers. This is powered by machine and data learning and is undoubtedly one of the top lead generation tools.

The tool comes with the ABM Readiness Assessment Guide that empowers the B2B marketers with the right insight into their ABM readiness. You can identify the ideal customer profile for your business and target accounts and key buyers to improve your ROI.

You can also engage the existing accounts and measure the impact of your lead generation activities.


There are four plans, out of which the Starter plan is available at $975 per month, and the others, namely – Standard, Professional, and Ultimate, require team contact for pricing.

9. Aimtell

online lead generation tools Aimtell

Aimtell offers better visitor engagement via web push notifications and helps you acquire, engage, and retain leads as well as customers after they leave your website.

You can send highly personalized push notifications to your visitors, customers, and prospects for better reach and better customer engagement. You can acquire subscribers and automate their user journeys effortlessly.


There are four plans to select from – Basic: $49, Plus: $99, Pro: $199, Enterprise: $299

10. VisitorQueue

VisitorQueue: online lead generation tools

VisitorQueue allows you to identify the name, user data, and contact details of the people and businesses that visit your website. You can share the collected data with your team and enjoy better conversions without much ado.

The tool allows you to access the key decision-makers’ contact details of other companies or businesses that visit your website. You can enjoy an unlimited number of users in every plan, and the tool comes with dedicated customer support.

You can enjoy seamless integration across all the major platforms and software.


Five plans are priced according to the number of unique companies per month – 100 companies: $31, 300 companies: $63, 500 companies: $79, 1000 companies: $135, 2000 companies: $199

11. LeadBoxer

Leadboxer: online lead generation tools

LeadBoxer is an automated lead generation tool that speeds up the lead qualification and helps you grow your revenue. You can capture new leads and also gain actionable insights into your website visitors.

The tool offers real-time information about online visitors and shows the users currently interacting with your website. You can optimize workflows to solve your customer intelligence issues by using this tool.


There are two plans – Basic: $231 pm, Premium: $586 pm.

12. Outgrow

best free lead generation tools Outgrow

Outgrow allows you to create engaging, interactive content such as assessments, quizzes, surveys, polls, and calculators. All of them are top lead generation content pieces and can be generated with ease without any coding experience.

You can share the content as a slide, pop-up, or embed it on a webpage or URL of your choice. Outgrow comes with many pre-built templates and impressive layouts optimized for engagement, conversion, and screen sizes.

This tool has a separate dashboard for better end-to-end analytics and can integrate with more than 500 3rd party sales and marketing tools. You can also add buttons like ‘Follow,’ ‘Like,’ and CTAs such as ‘share’ on the result page.


There are four plans – Freelancer (Quiz Only): $14 mo, Freelancer: $25 mo, Essentials: $95 mo. and Business: $600 mo.

13. Optinmonster

best free lead generation tools Optinmonster

Optinmonster is one of the best lead generation tools that help you grow your email list exponentially.

The easy drag-and-drop builder allows anyone to create stunning pop-ups and lead generation forms that can be optimized for higher conversion rates. With more than 50 in-built templates, you can create six types of lead generation content, of which some are highly impressive, such as full-screen welcome mat, floating bar, and lightbox pop-up.

The worth of Optinmonster lies in its powerful segmentation and targeting engine that allows you to offer highly personalized customer experiences. You can target the right people at the right time by showing a highly relevant offer.

Further, Optinmonster works on all types of websites and platforms seamlessly.

Pricing: There are four plans – Basic plan: $9, Plus Plan: $19, Pro Plan: $29, and Growth Plan: $49.

14. Leadfeeder

top lead generation tools Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is one of the best lead data collection tools and enables you to identify details of your visitors, such as their Email addresses, and company names, etc.

What makes Leadfeeder an amazing tool is that it tells you what companies visited your website even when they don’t fill any contact form.

It also finds the contact information of the employees working at that company, so you have the leads that never inquired about your products and could turn out to be excellent potential leads for your sales pipeline. You can install the Leadfeeder Tracker for a trial.

Pricing: The LITE plan is available for free, and the PREMIUM Plan is priced at $55 monthly.

15. best online lead generation tools is a type of prospecting and outreach tool that allows you to turn your contacts into sales and leads. It is an automated lead generation software that not only helps you find the email addresses of your prospects but also verifies them.

You can also track the data on every interaction by using It is a modern sales automation platform that integrates effortlessly and sits quietly in your browser as an extension.

So, whenever you want, you can launch a cold Email campaign right from your browser and allows you to sell your products and services to decision-makers.

Pricing: There are two plans – Essential: $149 and Business: $299, both billed monthly.

16. best online lead generation tools is an Email look-up tool that automates your sales outreach list, such as follow-ups, personal details, tasks, social touchpoints, and calls.

It automates the manual tasks of a sales rep, such as sending a follow-up. The tool comes with several integrations and team management tools that allow for efficient and effortless working.

The tool extension allows you to add new contacts to your multi-channel sequences, make direct calls, and manage & access your tasks.

Pricing: There are three plans – Individual: $70, Business: $60, and Enterprise: $50, all billed monthly.

17. Leadformly

best lead generation software LeadFormly

Leadformly offers more than 50 templates that are customizable and relevant to different industries. It is a LeadForm builder where each form is built with more than 58 best practices in the UX domain.

The software increases the completion rates and usability of the LeadForms and helps you avoid the big lead leaks via forms. The forms can be embedded anywhere and come with lead scoring and notifications.

Easy customization, intelligent validation, conditional logic, and insightful analytics are the other perks offered by Leadformly.

Pricing: The software is available for $179 billed annually, and a free trial is also available.

18. Hellobar

best lead generation software Hellobar

Hellobar is another commendable lead generation tool that will not only increase your website visitor’s stay time but also pursues them to take the action that you want them to.

The software is easy to use and allows you to use it as a bribing tool (a free eBook or user guide etc.) for your visitors.

Hellobar also allows you to send traffic to a specific landing page, and it can help increase the social media following and likes.

Pricing: The price is based on the number of click-throughs per month. 100 click-throughs: $4.95, 500 click-throughs: $12.95, and 2500 click-throughs: $29.95.

19. Mailchimp

Mailchimp: best lead generation software

Mailchimp is one of the most famous lead generation software that also helps you build your brand. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest Email marketing platforms.

MailChimp is intuitive in nature and comes with a drag-and-drop Email builder that makes it easier to create stunning Emails.

It also comes with Email automation and can store 200 email contacts while sending 12000 Emails per month. The software comes with customizable sign-up forms and segment lists for lead nurturing.

Pricing: There are four plans – Free: $0, Essentials: $10.39, Standard: $15.52, and Premium: $310.49, billed monthly.

20. Marketo

Marketo: best lead generation software

Marketo is a lead management solution that offers many other features, such as Email marketing, lead scoring, analytics, lead management, etc.

As far as lead management is concerned, Marketo offers segmentation, lead nurturing, CRM lead generation, online behavior tracking, lead scoring, and grading and Automated alerts (tasks).

Marketo comes with basic reporting for analytics, program management, A/B Testing, and Automated Email Responses. It can easily manage Email deliverability and can also send outbound Emails.

Pricing: The pricing information can be availed via calls to sales reps.

Summarizing all Tools

Given below is a tabular summary of all the tools discussed above that offer you a quick review of all their features. Take a look and zero in on the tool that suits your business the best.

Top Lead Generation Tools at a Glance:

Tool Features Perfect For
Qualaroo Lead generation surveys, popup lead generation forms, and customer feedback Businesses of all scales and all types
ProProfs Chat Real-Time Assistance for Chat Leads, Chat Routing, Chat greetings, cross-platform support, Personalized Live Chat Support for increased lead generation. Businesses of all scales and all types
AeroLeads Lead Capture, Lead Database Integration, Prospecting Tools Businesses of all scales and all types
Mediatoolkit Sentiment Analysis, Influencer Tracking, Customer Engagement, Dashboard, Trend Tracking, and Social Media Monitoring SMEs and Enterprise setups
ProProfs Survey Maker Capture qualified leads, identification of their pain points, lead generating surveys, and customized customer journeys. Businesses of all scales and all types
LeadQuizzes Lead Capture, Lead Segmentation, Lead Validation, Lead DB Integration and Data Export/Import SMEs and Start-ups
Poptin Auto Update, Survey Builder, Real-Time Editing, Landing Pages/Web Forms, and Pre-built Templates Marketers, eCommerce websites, and digital agencies
RollWorks Lead segmentation, Workflow automation, Lead locator, Contact discovery, and Customer targeting. Businesses of all scales and all types
Aimtell Advanced Segmentation, Customized Notifications, Welcome Messages, Expiring Notifications, Scheduled Campaigns Businesses of all scales and all types
Visitor Queue Lead Conversion Tracking, Goal Tracking, Campaign Management, Lead Scoring, Pageview Tracking, and Referral Source Tracking SMEs and large business setups
LeadBoxer Lead Scoring, Lead Management & Routing, Company Identification, Smart Lists, Auto Form Tracking, Up-sell opportunities, Customer Experience SMEs and large enterprises
Outgrow Building and Personalizing Emails, Automated Email Responses, Landing Pages and Forms, Lead Scoring and Grading, Lead Nurturing, Automated Alerts and Tasks, and CRM Lead Integration, etc. SMEs and Large Enterprises
Leadfeeder Data availability, lead builder, search, reporting, Integration with CRM/marketing automation, data accuracy and dashboards, etc. SMEs and medium enterprises Tools for data import and export, high-volume sending, email list management, automated email responses, surveys, multi-user account, personalizing and building emails, A/B Testing and basic reporting, etc. SMEs Analytics, Task Management, Email Automation and tracking, Email scheduling, notifications, workflow management, content management, and Email categorization, etc. SMEs
LeadFormly Drag & drop form builder, form analytics, multi-user management, GDPR compliant, advanced conditional logic, 15+ question types, and more than 1000+ integrations, etc. SMEs and Enterprises
Hellobar Pop-ups, hello bars, modals, sliders, A/B Testing, Targeting, Alert bells, page takeovers, etc. Businesses of all scales and all types
Mailchimp Data export and import tools, integration APIs, manage Email lists, basic reporting, automated Email responses, high-volume sending, sending outbound Emails, building and personalizing Emails, A/B Testing, etc. Businesses of all scales and all types
Marketo Lead nurturing, lead scoring, segmentation, automated alerts and tasks, landing pages, mobile-optimized forms, A/B Testing, CRM lead generation, automated Email responses, etc. Businesses of all scales and all types

Final Verdict

Lead generation tools help you to plan your business growth trajectory in a focused manner. From landing pages, surveys to advanced analytics, lead generation tools reveal your customer’s pulse and create quality business prospects.

You can choose from a plethora of lead generation tools after shortlisting your needs and requirements.

For example, if you need a cost-effective tool for creating an email sales campaign, MailChimp will be the best fit.

Further, for understanding the social media mention of your brands, you can opt for Mediatoolkit. Lastly, for creating employee engagement and NPS surveys, you could consider using ProProfs Survey Maker. You could also try out a combination of tools to meet your business needs.

Want to share your thoughts? Please feel free to drop your comments below.

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automation Branding data integration lead generation Marketing marketing automaiton

How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Generate More Leads

leverage marketing automation

Whether it is a start-up or an established one, marketing teams of every business strive to generate more and more customers who genuinely show interest in your product or service. Generating these customers is known as lead generation, where through transparent means of communication, you develop long-term relationships with customers rather than chasing them randomly for one–time sales. Here is how to leverage marketing automation to generate more leads.

Your long-lasting customer relationships.

These long-lasting relationships with customers help you secure new leads, too, as they keep you updated on your strengths and weaknesses. Such honest feedback or results make you realize how you can improve your business opportunities and know honestly whether your current strategies are working or not. 

Although this does not mean that you stop engaging yourself in efforts to attract new customers, yet you should focus on gaining customer insights and gain extra information on whether your product or services are up-to-the-mark or not. Keeping them impressed will also ensure that they share their experience further with other people, which will ensure the generation of more leads.

What is Marketing Automation?

The process of lead generation is a tough one yet is necessary so that you do not waste further time on customers who do not care about your product or service and who will never become potential leads.

The process may look tedious initially but reaps immense profits in the long-run by converting these leads into your loyal customers. To avoid excess manual interference and reduce costs, businesses use various software that automates the process of lead generation. T

these digital marketing automation tools attract more leads, keep them engaged and updated with your products and services, and, ultimately, improve your leads’ quality and accelerate the sales targets of your business. 

Generate leads

Being one of the most widely used methods for lead generation, it becomes pertinent to understand the meaning of Marketing Automation before using it.

Search Salesforce gives a proper definition for Marketing Automation “the use of the software for automating the marketing processes like customer data integration, customer segmentation, and campaign management.

Using marketing automation helps make the processes much more efficient, which would otherwise be performed manually; it also makes newer processes possible. Marketing automation has lately become an integral component of CRM.�

Marketing Automation is not merely software but a method altogether.

Hence, it can be seen clearly that Marketing Automation is not merely software but a method altogether to make the manual efforts much easier, productive, and cost-efficient without any involvement of humans.

Research reports by various institutions like Hubspot confirm that using Marketing Automation increases sales up to 50 percent at almost 33 percent fewer costs. It provides a plethora of benefits to marketing initiatives, such as improve customer experience through better customer-business relations.

Marketing automation can improve efficiency through cost-effective methods, use of customer data available from various channels, increased number and better quality of leads who tend to stay loyal to your brand, better communication, and cooperation between marketing and sales teams in a business, etc. 

However, most companies face issues with gaining optimum benefits through Marketing Automation either due to poor market research or half-hearted efforts by businesses who do not realize its importance, eventually leading to many risks.

Here are a few tips on how to leverage Marketing Automation to generate more leads.

1. Prioritize quality over quantity

Marketing Automation tools generate a pool of data. However, it will be your responsibility to keep a check on the quality of content that you publish.

The aim should be to generate quality leads rather than a large number of leads. The quantity of leads proves to be fruitless when they do not buy your products or services. Therefore, you should ensure that your automation tools keep a check on your leads and determine their intentions before putting in extra efforts.

Your marketing and sales team should decide a criterion you can bifurcate between customers as to who are quality leads and who is not. 

2. Use rewards to entice customers

Your customers need to realize their importance in your business. This helps create better customer-business relations. Long-term growth needs to identify customers who are loyal to your business and offer them rewards or coupons. Such efforts on your part will improve your impression with customers and also build up your publicity. 

3. Focus on nurturing your customers

Your customer base offers you a plethora of opportunities to turn them into leads. It is much more feasible to nurture your customers into becoming leads rather than finding new ones.

Your current customer base has still made efforts to generate loyalty towards your product or service; therefore, if you keep them happy and content with your other services and constant communication, they will automatically turn into loyal leads.

You can segregate such customers and then guide your automation tools to send them tailored content as per their needs and demands. 

4. Use segmentation

Using lists or segments to differentiate between your target audience is one of the most common methods to be applied while using Marketing Automation. These lists help you segregate customers based on their intentions, demands, behavior, the products or services they acquire, geographic data, etc.

You can divide your customers as potential leads, existing prospects, or existing customers. This will help you take tailored steps towards such customers to coax them into becoming leads.

5. Use Lead Scoring

This is another viable method that is used by many to leverage automation software. Lead scoring is the method by which you can assign a particular value to a customer, depending on their likelihood of converting into a lead.

This is highly important as it will determine which customers are ready to be passed on to the sales team. Lead scoring is essential since it will help prevent you from wasting your time and efforts on people who do not intend to become prospective customers.

Top Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Tools help serve the purpose of leveraging automation to a greater extent. So, here are a few of the top marketing automation tools that help in lead generation:

1. HubSpot

One of the most widely used automation software by businesses to enhance their lead generation is HubSpot. This software is a boon that allows you to track your customers’ behavior through their social media, emails, etc. It generates tools like email marketing, calls to action, social media marketing, etc. which are automated.

A major advantage of this software is that it gives you a plethora of other marketing methods like live chats, pop-ups, email follow-ups, website forms, etc. The HubSpot CRM feature permits you to keep a check on how your leads are behaving towards your strategies, how active they are on your website, and the degree of their interaction.

It is an integrated platform where you can easily combine your data and growth statistics to produce better results. Hubspot also comes with an easy-to-use visual platform, making it easier for customers to adapt to this software.

From blogging, emails’, landing pages to social media, calls-to-action, and ads, Hubspot ensures to leverage your number of leads through its marketing automation techniques.

2. Mailchimp

This software tool helps build email campaigns for your prospective leads with the appropriate content and look to attract their attention. This assists in the creation of landing pages to produce leads with adopt-in boxes.

The forms generated from this software can be customized to collect relevant data from the leads. Discount offers, tests, toolkits, coupons, etc. through this software are major reasons businesses prefer Mailchimp over the other tools in the market. 

3. Drip

Through its finest technology, this automation tool will assist you in segregating your lists into segments depending on the products or services that your customers enlisted for. This will help you further by sending personalized and relevant content to each of them. Its program called Drip NetSuite Integration provides you with ideas about your potential leads want or need.

Through their buying patterns, browsing history, etc. you can easily determine the field of content they would get attracted to, which you can deliver via emails, social media platforms, blogs, etc. 

4. Zendesk

Another widely used operation tool, Zendesk, focuses on handling your customer support conversations, which prove to be highly useful to generate leads. These conversations with customers via emails, phones, or messaging will help you understand your customers’ needs and complaints, and they can spark the probability of sales too.

This tool works in close coordination with your support and sales team. Their feature, known as Zendesk Sell allows instant information to be passed on to your sales team as soon as a lead shows interest.

5. Nimble

This digital marketing (linkopr dotcom), automation tool is another way you can effectively improve customer-business relationships. This particular tool uses CRM software to help build relationships and improve social interaction.

The Nimble marketing automation software uses social data of customers like birthdays, anniversaries, job changes, future goals, etc. and then successfully reach out to them on such special occasions through personalized messages.

Such insights into your customers’ lives help you understand the algorithm as to when to reach out to prospective customers and how to reach out to them. You can easily integrate Nimble with other digital marketing automation tools to access emails and other contact information via other websites. 


Marketing is not an easy job, yet it remains one of the essential parts of a business. Marketing automation is just one of how this tough job can be made a tad bit easier.

Proper lead generation can make your business grow excessively well. With the dawn of technology, where most businesses have started using even artificial intelligence to improve their work, marketing automation is a boon.

The number of possibilities has increased ten-fold with such marketing automation software. However, it depends entirely on how and up to what extent they are willing to use this technology for their benefit.

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