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Word-of-Mouth Marketing in 2020: The Power of Social Media Influencers

social media influencers

The power of influencer marketing is multidimensional, as it simultaneously affects different aspects of brand success: exposure, reputation, audience engagement, customer loyalty, and conversions. Influencer marketing is a way to tell your company’s story to the millions simultaneously through the mouths of those who already have the ear of your target audience. Here is word-of-mouth marketing in 2020 and beyond.

There is power in social media influencers.

The power in social media is generated by influencers individuals whose content resonates with broad audiences, impacts their lives, changes their mindset, and even affects their purchasing decisions because of their authority, knowledge, or position.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” — Seth Godin

Influencer Marketing: What Is It and Why You Need It?

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics to enter the trust circle of potential customers. These people are an automatically loyal community since your brand is introduced to them by a person they already trust. Customer loyalty is the primary factor impacting the buying decision, particularly in times of a recession, when uncertainty toward the future is soaring in the air. That’s why it’s so crucial for companies to invest in building trust and give customers more confidence.

Influencer marketing is fueled by an ancient but still actionable word-of-mouth method. It allows you to accelerate online brand expansion by partnering with a thought leader who can be the first to start the word-of-mouth chain nourished by helpful content instead of ads. According to McKinsey, word-of-mouth marketing generates two times the sales of paid advertising. At the same time, Deloitte reports that customers acquired through word-of-mouth have a 37 percent higher retention rate than by any other means. 

Customers come and return to a brand trusted by influencers. They are considered experts who always keep abreast of the latest industry trends and recommend something really worth attention. To drive brand growth and success, businesses should learn more about influencer marketing and actively leverage it in the digital age.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing: a New View

Image Credit: helena lopes; pexels

Influencers build friendships, not “brand� relationships

If you ask customers what kind of relationships with a brand they’d like to have, you will likely hear about something similar to friendship. People want to feel appreciated and know that brands care about selling and empowering and inspiring them. Influencer marketing is the key to building human connections between a brand and its target audience. 

Interacting with a brand through a prism of the influencer’s positive feedback, customers feel more value in what the brand does and creates. They start associating its products and services with authoritativeness and reliability as they are recommended by the leading niche experts, aka thought leaders. Influencer marketing transits brand-customer relationships to a more personal level and makes them friends.

It allows you to discover what resonates with your customers.

When partnering with influencers, you can explore what types of content, messages, and visuals work best with your target audience. Influencer marketing allows you to promote your brand and conduct “field studies� on the influencer’s social media pages, investigate how they are interacting with potential customers, and what drives audience engagement. 

By monitoring and analyzing influencer-audience relationships, you can learn more about your customers, define better strategies for your future marketing campaigns, and improve products.

It helps provide anticipated WOW & emotion-driven engagement.

Leveraging the benefits of influencer marketing, you can introduce your brand engagingly and creatively. Influencers are mostly driven by creativity, curiosity about getting new experiences, and desire to bring value to their followers. They invest time and effort in producing highly engaging content that targets people who might be your potential customers. 

Making your brand intro a part of the influencer’s amazing content, you significantly raise chances of making the WOW effect, creating an unforgettable first impression, and driving continuous customer engagement. It helps provoke the person’s thoughts about a product and forths the first emotional interaction with it. 

Companies should care about creating emotional bonds with a target audience because they are fertile soil for growing customer loyalty. Consumer loyalty is a significant business value since it helps smooth sharp edges of customer experience and keeps conversions up. When emotional connections are damaged, rational (or even critical) thinking rears up again, and it may negatively impact sales in the future.

It promotes a brand through useful content instead of ads.

People trust advertising much less than before. On the contrary, word of mouth still is relevant and actionable even today. The sunrise of new digital innovations has just given it a new boost. Today, most of our words are digital and can spread at wind speed across the web. You can add your brand more significance and amplify word of mouth arising around it by producing quality content that inspires people and helps them tackle the most actual problems. 

At the same time, you can also save time on content production and reach a new audience with the help of influencer marketing. Influencers may endorse your brand and introduce it to their followers, involving your brand information in their own content. 

It is a highly cost-effective digital marketing channel.

Social media influencer marketing is becoming one of the most actionable digital marketing channels, even if compared to email marketing, paid search, display advertising, and affiliate marketing. According to Convince & Convert, 22% of digital marketing managers find influencer marketing the most cost-effective customer acquisition channel. As reported in a study conducted by Tomoson, influencer marketing brings a $6.50 return on investment for every dollar spent.

Is Influencer Marketing Worth It? 

Influencer marketing is a goldmine that may help companies keep the target audience’s attention in the highly competitive digital world. Is it worth investing in? Only you can answer it for sure. However, before you do it, just look through the above-mentioned values arising when someone influential talks about your brand once again. 

A successful collaboration with thought leaders can help you increase brand awareness, conquer the hearts of a new audience, gain its loyalty, grow brand popularity, and multiply revenue. It’s a powerful machine producing new, exciting human-brand interactions bringing plenty of benefits for both of them.

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Blogger Outreach: The Definitive Guide for the Beginners

Blogger outreach for beginners

Blogger outreach is developing relationships and is maintaining the same with some relevant bloggers as well as offering them high-value and relevant content which their audience and readers will find useful and engaging. It can, therefore, increase your organic search visibility when bloggers with established and trusted sites link to your website.

There are a lot of companies that provide blogger outreach services. They are also responsible for building cordial relationship with many high-quality blogs along with other communities which are related to a website theme.

What is the job of a blogger outreach program?

These companies aim at getting good content to be posted on the sites with the required website’s URL in it. It also helps in promoting these posts via bookmarking or social media marketing thereby making them popular for generating real traffic through these for the websites.

Many bloggers outreach will help in finding the best influencers having millions of followings and if they write and publish your business, then millions of audiences will be out there to watch for your brand, thereby providing good marketing.

How to expose your brand through bloggers outreach services?

Blogger outreach services help you to expose your brand to a proper and targeted audience. It adds a strand to your content or blog marketing activity. This allows you to reach wider, new, and relevant audiences. If the content is in the blog format that your target customers usually read, and some new and interesting things are offered, then the potential of brand awareness is considered to be huge.

What kind of service does a Blogger outreach service provide?

For promoting your brand you may choose any of the blogger outreach services, who will help in promoting blogs as well as any kind of SEO project. Some of the examples are mentioned below:

  • Agencies: If you are an SEO or marketing agency and if you struggle to place quality link placements for the clients, then you may opt for a proper and genuine blogger outreach service. Just check whether the reports which they provide are white-label reports or not. If so then you will get the full credit for their work, which is another good point in seeking the service of blogger outreach.
  • Affiliate Marketers: If you are planning to grow an affiliate website via SEO, and require quality links, then yet again seeking the help of a blogger outreach service is a must. They help you to focus on many important aspects of your affiliate business like improving your conversions and creating content. They also help you in acquiring backlinks.
  • DIY SEOs: Blogger outreach services also help you in growing your own business using SEO, if you have any such plans. You just spend some time growing your business and the blogger’s outreach will do everything for you. They will only do the link building stuff, and you just don’t have to worry about that.

Choosing the perfect blogger outreach service

It is very important to choose a blogger outreach service that will provide you with high-quality content along with better service and management and marketing. There are some points which you should keep in mind while choosing such companies:

  1. They should surround your link with high-quality links: If your link is surrounded by multiple sources then this builds credibility for your blog and your backlink as well. Check whether the company place at least 2 other relevant outbound high-quality links in each piece of your content.
  2. Your link should be placed within the content: The company should place your backlink within the actual body of the article which is a true contextual backlink. Your backlink must look like a natural vote/recommendation for your site.
  3. Check for genuine outreaches: Check whether your chosen company uses genuine outreach or not. They must not have any control or access to any of the sites that get you backlinks on.
  4. Check whether the writers are proficient in English or not: If each and every article is written by experts having proficiency in English then it would attract many foreign clients whose mother tongue is English. This will also create a huge impact on your content and will help in creating an identity for your company.
  5. Whether you get the proper credit and white label reports: You should get the full credit and white label reports for your content. Their hard work should be your credit.

How to do blogger outreach program in a proper way

The practice of doing work with influencers online as bloggers for building a favorable network that promotes novel products is noticed and earns acclaim by a wide range of customers is known as blogger outreach. Blogger outreach has five phases- planning, establishing identity, pitching, sending and promoting.

How important it is?

Yes, it is extremely important. This is because any normal buyer goes through multiple reviews before finally deciding to purchase it. Maximum reviews are in the form of blog posts. While researching about certain products or services, consumers mostly rely on advice that the bloggers give them. The information given by blogs is considered reliable. Bloggers, though influences of mid-level, have an audience that is more loyal than the audience of mega influencers.

Steps for developing a blogger outreach program that kisses success

These steps will definitely help you in your target of developing a blogger outreach program in a proper way:

  1. Decide your goals- It is important that you determine your objectives. If you want to make your brand popular, build brand awareness. This will definitely entice new visitors and thus, increase sales.
  2. Do good research- Spend time in researching to know about the leading bloggers for getting the best out of guest post blogging. You will learn about the focus of dominant bloggers and then decide whether to link building service with them will be beneficial for you or not.
  3. Search for relevant bloggers- Searching for relevant bloggers is one of the most important tasks in hand. You need to find bloggers who will be useful for you as well as your brand.
  4. Homework matters- Contacting bloggers of all kinds will not at all be helpful for you. Do proper homework and find out after reading the blogs, which ones you require for the brand of yours. For insights, their most common posts can be examined.
  5. Engage with bloggers and build credibility- For making connections, comment on the contents written by them and also share some of their good contents on social platforms. You don’t have to be overly obsequious. When you meet bloggers, try to be creative.
  6. Create a unique and tailored communication- You need to give bloggers offers that they will find unique and impressive. Link Building Service needs to be done strategically. Show respect to bloggers and try to understand their goals.
  7. Give them reasons for saying yes- If link building service with an agency is one of your targets, you need to work hard on that. Show support to bloggers and by support, we do not mean you need to be overfriendly.
  8. The resource has to be flexible- Present yourself in such a way so that you are considered as a useful resource. Try to help bloggers in their hour of need to build long-lasting relationships.
  9. Monitoring of results- Tracking the results is extremely important for a blogger outreach program.

How blogger outreach is useful in business?

If you are opting for blogger outreach service for working on your blogging and contents and also marketing of your content, then better you look for some of the qualities of your companies before selecting them, which are given below:

  • A blogger outreach uses the materials and stuff, from various formats available like the press release, social media sites, content marketing, and SEM or SEO. It gives stress on the importance of the keywords which are written in black, and also the kind of content in the blog that it leads to.
  • The team experts of a blogger outreach service should help you with the knowledge of the criteria. You should be able to have an exact idea of your targeted audience and hence make an analytics report based on your idea. Blogger outreach should be able to make your blog dominating and influencing the audience and should also make the good promotion of your sites and brands.While you are primarily on the basis of promoting your products you’ve to brainstorm the minds of your target audience by providing and soliciting what you intend to offer. Hence it can be said that the blog must be interrelating with your brand’s scenario.
  • If you want to build up the contact then try sending a complimentary material with the blogger. You should then be able to introduce it to the person. The company which you prefer for your job should be able to introduce you to that person. They should feature your brand and your message to that person and should let you know the details like the likes and dislikes of that person before your services are offered.
  • The lifestyle of the targeted audience must be included in your promotional phase.
  • Make sure, that the content which you are writing and your company is marketing should be available to the maximum number of customers, on the search engine. If a person sits on the internet for some activity related to your site, they go through various online content and sites to get the proper information and reference.Also, the company should be able to get honest feedback from the users. They must provide and insert some high-quality keywords and phrases to your content to get the traffic.

Hence the blogger outreach service should not distract a user from the content but rather the person using your site should receive the appropriate and the exact information, about the content or topic he is searching for. They should be able to build a cordial and warm relationship, between the business people and the blogger (which is you).

Following all these steps will effectively expand your credibility among the audience.

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