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Meet Ryla — COVID Boosts Health Food Products and Immune System Awareness

Ryla immune system support

With the holidays in full swing all around us and COVID claiming its share of the attention this year — many of us are giving closer consideration to self-care, including finding out more about the immune system. Care of our immune system may be a life-saving opportunity at this critical time. The health food industry has seen an increase in the number of people seeking ways to boost their immune system — and Ryla is here to help.

Here is an easy way to quickly begin supporting your immune system to withstand the viruses of life (stress) and maybe even COVID.

You can do something today to begin to boost your immune system. Exercising, reducing stress, and getting the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your body has never been quite so important than it is right now.

Buy the ingredients and make yourself a fresh-squeezed juice shot when you can — or head to the juice-bar for fresh-squeezed. Both of these options are quite time-consuming and expensive.

Try Ryla — If you want a quick and convenient option for immune support with plant-based wellness.

Ryla is a quick and convenient option for your immune support. Ryla’s plant-based wellness shots are a superfood loaded packet. They are immunity support blends in powder form made with organic immune-boosting superfoods and 500mg of Vitamin C.

These packets are vegan, keto, non-GMO, and gluten, soy, and dairy-free. The ingredients list contains real, recognizable foods that you will know how to pronounce. Contains NO refined sugar.

The packets are convenient and portable — you merely toss the powder into a glass of water — stir and drink. Open a packet and dump it in your water bottle and shake for a refreshing drink on your break or at your desk.

“Ryla was created to offer a plant-based immunity support solution that is easy to take on the go,� said Chris Douglass, co-founder of Ryla.

Ryla’s drink powders come in three blends; check them out below.

immune boosting shot
Orange Strawberry

Orange Strawberry Link

Fruity and tangy, the Orange Strawberry shot is juicy and approachable, containing, you guessed it — real organic oranges and strawberries, with a touch of organic stevia.

Super fruity with a bit of a tart kick, this fresh-squeezed powder is great in a smoothie or your water bottle. It’s been featured on Goop as one of their best in wellness products — so you know it’s the real deal.

Ensure that you are eating and drinking high immune-boosting nutrients as your personal way to stay active in maintaining your personal health and wellness.


immunity boosting shots
Turmeric Orange Ginger Black Pepper

Turmeric Orange Ginger Black Pepper Link

The Turmeric Orange Ginger Black Pepper shot is dynamic and flavorful. It brings warm citrus, a fun tart bite from the organic ginger and organic turmeric, and a slight spicy kick from the organic black pepper.

I think this shot tastes great in a glass of water and it is also delicious when made as a hot cozy tea. The turmeric and ginger are also full-spectrum, so there is no nutrient deterioration in the roots when they are dried.

Turmeric has long been known for its anti-inflammatory response. Reducing inflammation throughout the body also helps your antibodies respond to toxins better—a must during cold and flu season.

immunity boosting shot
Ginger Lemon Cayenne

Ginger Lemon Cayenne Pepper Link

If you love spicy, you’ll be incorporating this shot into your daily routine in no time. The Ginger Lemon Cayenne Pepper shot is all about tart and spice —Ryla calls it her “no pain no gain” shot, and she’s not kidding. It is fantastic.

The organic ginger and 500 mg of Vitamin C are there to support your immune system, and the organic cayenne pepper helps clear your sinuses.

Cayenne Pepper has been found to help with stomach issues and is a natural pain reliever — Ginger, so refreshing to sip, is also a pain reliever.

Want to mix it up? Try this shot warm with a touch of soothing honey added — you won’t be disappointed.

immunity boosting shots
Try the variety pack for immunity-boosting power.

Variety Pack Link

If you’re not sure where to start, please try out Ryla’s Variety Pack. The variety pack gives you a chance to sample all of the shots, each containing healthy superfoods and immune-boosting goodness. Stock up on your favorites and feel safe and secure, knowing that you are doing the best for your immune system and relieving stress by taking care of yourself.

With each of these packs, you’ll notice that sometimes the juice will settle, just like a fresh-squeezed juice you see at the store. This is because the Ryla company doesn’t add any additional dissolvents, chemicals, or fillers. Pure goodness.


Start each day off with a different Ryla shot and rotate through the different flavors — you’ll love them all. It’s reassuring to know that you’re getting a healthy dose of Vitamin C during this pandemic.

It’s also wonderful to know that you’re consuming immune-boosting superfood plants like ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and cayenne pepper, which have been used medicinally for thousands of years.

Ryla’s straight-forward list of ingredients is pure transparency — you’ll recognize every word on the list.  The minute you take a refreshing drink — you’ll love it.

We are all in this pandemic-thing together — and can pass along any information we think might be a help at this time. Remember, the best time to support your immune system is now — to avoid getting sick.

These ingredients and processes are clean and simple. This drink is clean and simple. Can’t think of a better place to grab some immune-boosting power than with Ryla’s. Check it out — grab glass — take a shot — and stay well. Happy sipping!


Top Image Credit: andrea piacquadio; pexels

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If You’re Headed to a Hanukkah Party Take a Gift, or Last Minute Gift Ideas

last minute gift ideas

If you are headed to a Hanukkah Party in the next eight days — don’t be a schmuck. Seriously, take a gift — just as you would for any other holiday celebration you are invited to attend in December.

This year of 2020 may be the most important year to show people that you care about them — the COVID-mentality is killing us all — and you may make all the difference to someone.

Flowers and candy are always appropriate to take to your host or hostess — but, since I’m unusual, I like to take something different as a host or hostess gift. My family expects something awesome for the holidays — so I really keep my eyes peeled for good stuff that will be appreciated.

Here are a few more last-minute gift ideas for any of your holiday celebrations with friends, family — or colleagues.

take a gift
CLEAR2O — PERSONAL WATER FILTER – for your hiking buddy.

With COVID on my mind, I’m making sure I’m more prepared for disasters — I got this water bottle for my hiking buddy — and yes, I’m taking it to a party! (Covid-careful-party-of-course.) It looks pretty cool, too. CLEAR2O® Personal Water Filter Dual Filtration transforms open water sources by removing bacteria and parasites, preventing waterborne disease.
Easy to use and drink directly from streams and lakes, or fill up a container and enjoy clean water on the go. Be prepared during most natural disasters with CLEAR2O®
foot massager
DeCare Foot Massager, Kneading Shiatsu Therapy Massage — for my buddy’s wife.

2. DeCare Foot Massager, Kneading Shiatsu Therapy Massage, Relieve Foot Pain 

I’m taking this foot massager to the same party, same household. The wife is running around madly, taking care of three kids who are SO active. I think she’ll get a kick out of this foot massager. I got one of these massagers for myself from Amazon — try to get this particular one — but if they are out, or you have a party tonight, I heard Walgreens has some good ones.

This is such a great gift — it even fits large feet. The timer can be set at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. It’s really quiet, so I’m trying to think about how I could keep one under my desk. Soothes tired feet and reinvigorate energy.

The massager also heats up, which is relaxing and relieves pain and improves blood flow — including in your legs. I really like that you can pull out the removable cover and wash it. Washes and dries quickly.

VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder
VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder

3. VEVOK CHEF Manual Coffee Grinder 

When saying this grinder is for your techie — this grinder IS for your techie. They can’t believe it! Wrap up some exotic beans with this gift and everyone there will get a fresh cup. The grinder is one that you can stick in your suitcase for travel (when we can really travel, after COVID this will be even MORE awesome.
It has a long-life stainless steel burr, which is faster and more effective than your regular coffee mill. You can grind from coarse to fine — even as fine as espresso. It only takes about 45 seconds for a cup — and you know the taste is better with fresh ground beans.
Early morning — can you smell the fresh cup…?
ATUMTEK dual monitor
ATUMTEK dual monitor arm stand with full 360* rotation

4. Dual Monitor Arm Stand with Full 360° Rotation for 15”-32” Screens

Customizable support dual monitors can be easily adjusted to provide additional comfort and support for the user. This is true ergonomic help for all of us. I’m working on getting these dual monitor stands for all of my team members — especially those who are getting their home offices in shape for the long-haul. These also have universal accessibility.
You can spread these monitors out to 32 inches (that’s big), swivel the monitor around to show the screen to a colleague — or, ya know — quickly swivel the screen to show your wife something on your screen from your office — when she’s sitting in her office across the hall.
SimpleSENCE Home Leak Detection
SimpleSENCE Home Leak Detection

5. SimpleSENCE Home Leak Detection

This is a leak and freeze sensor for in-home use and it’s WiFI connected. It a multi-sensor system that instantly detects and alerts you on your phone if a leak starts. If you’ve ever had a leak while you’ve been out-or-town, you know what a disaster that is.
Now, you’ll be alerted, and you can hurry and call a neighbor or repair person. No more ruined wood floor because you’ve been out-of-town for two weeks during a leak. This little sensor is a way to really feel safe — especially when you’re away from home.
3 in 1 UV Sterilizer and Dryer
3 in 1 UV Sterilizer and Dryer

6. Coraluv US 3 in 1 UV Sterilizer and Dryer

NOT JUST FOR BOTTLES — read on — truly transformative. Serializes and dries baby, household, and all kinds of day to day items without the need for water and heat. Kills 99.9% of germs in as little as 10 minutes.
This sterilizer and dryer has smart UV-C technology making it possible to sterilize plush toys, mobile phones, stuff around the office people keep touching — eyeglasses, kitchenware, and much more.
abode iota smart home security syster
abode iota Smart Home Security System

7. abode iota – Smart Home Security System

The abode iota smart home security system has great video streaming capabilities. The iota is a built-in HD camera with a motion sensor, 93db siren, and two-way voice. I like that these are easy to install, and you can put them anywhere — and they are less noticeable than your other cameras.
The WiFi connectivity allows you to take advantage of its features by putting it in a spot that makes the most sense for you. You’ll want the starter kit, and then you can build on more features in your system from there.
CR-X Series Creative Reference Multimedia
CR-X Series Creative Reference Multimedia

8. Mackie CR-X Series Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

You’ll have to hop on the site to get all the specs on these beauties. They have a sleek brushed metal grille and outlined design. These monitors stand out in your home office — and especially “showy” in your downtown office. They have premium woofers and tweeters, have high-headroom amps that deliver what you want: a clear, punchy sound. You can control the volume and side of the desk you want more volume delivered to.
You can use these for professional-grade optimized sonic performances — use pro tools for first-rate professional recording (recording software and plugin package included). You won’t believe the sound quality. So, making music, create content, or just relax to your tunes. Okay — I bought these for a friend but kept these for myself — but I WILL  get another set for that friend.
Kyvol Cybovoc E31
Kyvol Cybovoc E31

9. Kyvol Cybovac S31

I have the Kyvol Cybovac S30 and decided to see if the Kyvol Cybovac S31 update was worth the extra cash —  and it is. The best is the auto emptying dustbin — especially for those with the honey-do-lists. The vac picks up dirt, pet hair, and all the dust — but it digs deeper inside carpets with a really strong suction (3000Pa). I like that it’s pretty techie and fun to show off. Has remote cleaning and voice control. You can even run the vac with your Alexa or Google Assistant.
The Kyvol S32 has an external water tank for mopping — and thankfully, it’s quiet — about like a microwave sound.
This is a little expensive for a party gift (for me), but you should get one of these for your own home — and maybe one for the mother-in-law.

10. DropLabs


Music to your soul — by DropLabs

These are the coolest shoes — now you can have music in your soul —  and you feel the vibes down deep. This is the new digital entertainment coming to life right before your feet!

If you haven’t felt like exercising the last few months because of COVID — or whatever — these shoes by DropLabs will help your motivation.  You feel the vibrations of your tunes in your feet.

11. GOTRAX V2 Commuter Scooter 2020 Edition

GXL V2 Commuter Scooter 2020 Edition

This scooter is the improved 2020 model — the GXL V2. It’s an improvement on the already top-selling electric scooter. It has an improved console, battery life, folding mechanism, and has passed all of the stringent QC testings.

All I have to say here is that you have to have this scooter. It will take a minute or two for you to jump the curb — useless you ride all the time. Serious fun here. Each person at the office has had to take this baby home for the weekend.

A must for the self-gifter — and for someone special.


I’ve found that if you really want to be less stressed for the holidays — you should have a few items already purchased around your house at varying degrees of expense.
You WILL forget someone important and special on your list — not because you want to, but because we are all extra-stressed right now.
If you didn’t prepare for the holidays early — or you decided to keep something great for yourself — most of these items can be delivered by the next day from Amazon.

Give a nice, thoughtful gift for the holidays this year — make sure that something will be great in the year 2020 for your team, family and colleagues.

Image Credit: anna-louise; pexels

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CBD Cream cbd gummies CBD Lotion CBD Oil CBD Products Gifts Health Lifestyle ReadWrite unique and thoughful gifts

Just CBD – Best Christmas Deals

CBD deals

Forget baking cookies or picking up a gift card at the grocery store. This Christmas, give the fun, smart, and often delicious present of CBD merchandise. The right items come from hemp, as opposed to THC-heavy marijuana. That means they are completely legal in all 50 states. Better yet, Just CBD will help users manage both mental and physical stress. So, if you want to give the perfect gift this holiday season, search for the top CBD products for sale, such as tasty gummies, tinctures, lotions and more.

CBD Gummies

Delicious gummies are the most popular item of all the CBD items on the market. After all, the top CBD Gummies are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, including rings, worms, cherries, emojis, rainbow ribbons and gummy bears.

The flavors are excellent too. Give a 250mg jar of Blueberry Raspberry Rings to your coworker, but save the giant 3000mg Party Pack for your significant other. You can even hand out CBD vegan gummies and sugar-free CBD Gummies to people following special diets.

Of course, it may take a little trial and error to figure out your favorite flavor of CBD edibles. Within 30 to 60 minutes, the cherished CBD snacks should help you to relax, both physically and emotionally. Keep an eye out for Just CBD Strawberry Banana Gummies, along with limited edition Christmas Trees, Snowmen and Snowflakes.

CBD Oil Tincture

The most beloved gummies may be yummy in the tummy, but some folks prefer a faster-acting delivery device for their cannabidiol. That’s when a pure CBD tincture makes an ideal gift for Christmas. Not unlike the edibles, the tinctures of CBD oil do not possess any chemicals whatsoever. They are also small and convenient, as people on the move can easily toss them into their pockets, as well as their purses.

Meanwhile, CBD hemp oil tincture is rather easy to use. The merchandise comes with a dropper, allowing a person to take a single “drop� of CBD oil at a time. Simply drop it in under your tongue, or stir it into an ordinary drink, like coffee. Best of all, users tend to feel the benefits of CBD oil in as little as 15 minutes and for up to 6 hours at a time. How cool is that?

CBD Topicals

It can be hard to appreciate Christmas morning if you’re suffering from incredibly sore arms or a pulled hamstring. Nobody likes dealing with dry and sensitive skin. That’s why waking up to the gift of powerful CBD cream can be a blessing in a gift-wrapped box.

Keeping it all-natural, the Strawberry Champagne CBD lotion is made of vitamins, coconut oil and aloe to decrease discomfort. CBD Pain Cream comforts sensitive and irritable skin. CBD roll-ons supply an icy sensation, and Ultra Relief CBD Gel efficiently improves blood circulation.

Give a loved one a rub down with smooth CBD Massage Oil. As long as you depend on a high-quality topical CBD, you should have no trouble relaxing. Getting 8 hours of unbroken sleep should come easy, doing wonders for your energy level the next day. Even one’s aging memory and concentration skills tend to improve.

More CBD Goodies

Don’t forget to look at all the other CBD items that are now available. CBD bath bombs soak away stress. CBD vape pens and capsules also make wonderful gift ideas. The same can be said for CBD honey sticks and coconut oil. Individuals even love using CBD isolate while they cook.

To sum it up, there are many fine options for CBD merchandise this holiday season. Thankfully, it couldn’t be any easier for your friends and family to enjoy a fabulous Christmas present from our spectacular CBD store.

Spend up to $50 and get 25% off your order with coupon code: ELF

Spend up to $100 and get 30% off your order with coupon code: REINDEER

Spend over $100 and get 35% off your order with coupon code: SANTA

Promotions are good until December 1, 2020.

David Baker is an expert on CBD products, as he has spent years using them to destress after long days at the office. Follow him on Medium, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and reddit.

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2020 holiday gift guide 2020 holiday gift list best 2020 holiday gifts Gifts the gift with "tech"

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching so it’s time to start shopping for all those on your gift list this year. These gifts have good-tech for the techie in your life — but are easy-use so that you aren’t stuck all holiday morning installing your gift (we’ve all been there).

We’ve put together a list of gift ideas for everyone in your life to add joy this season and during an unprecedented year.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

Anova Precision Cooker Nano


Priced at $129, the Anova Precision Cooker Nano connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to cook meals with the touch of a button as well as monitor progress from anywhere. It works with Anova Culinary App, providing access to thousands of recipes.

Glorious 3XL Extended Gaming Mousepad

Glorious Gaming Mousepad

This $50 Glorious XL extended gaming mousepad goes the distance with an extensive surface area in your choice of colors (original, white, and stealth). The stitch cloth surface offers gamers both speed and control while the anti-slip underside uses a rubber material that provides good grip. It is also optimized for different mouse sensors and sensitivities.

Dragon Touch Portable Monitor

Dragon Touch portable monitor

The Dragon Touch portable monitor has an FHD 1080P IPS SCREEN with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 15.6’’ screen has two built-in speakers that make it ideal for movies, gaming, and office use. You can connect it to just about anything: laptops, smartphones, gaming platforms, PC and Mac devices, and keyboards. Priced at $169.99 (or $139.99 with an Amazon coupon) also comes with a cover to protect it when not in use.

BabyBrezza Baby Formula Dispenser

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

The award-winning BabyBrezza Formula Pro Advanced is a parent’s dream come true. The $200 gadget automatically makes a warm, formula bottle, which is perfect for those late-night, early morning feedings. It offers a customizable mixing system to get the right temperature and number of ounces every time. The incredible product works with nearly all types of formula and bottle types.

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Withings Sleep Tracker Mat

The Withings Sleep Tracker Mat focuses on helping you improve your sleep quality. For $99, you get a mat and access to the Health Mate app. The app offers sleep cycle analysis (deep, light and REM), heart rate tracking, and snore detection. You will learn more about your sleep duration, sleep depth, interruptions, sleep schedule, and the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep and wake up. It also serves as our sleep coach as well as integrates with IFTTT to dim lights or adjust the thermostat.

August WiFi Smart Lock

August WiFi Smart Lock

The August WiFi Smart Lock is priced at $249.99 and delivers the latest in smart home security. With this deadbolt door lock, you can remotely lock or unlock the door and check door status. You will also be able to grant virtual guest keys and monitor who comes and goes from your home. It integrates with many voice assistants. Plus, it installs by attaching to an existing deadbolt so you can keep your original keys. With built-in WiFi, you don’t need any additional devices to connect.

Edifier Wireless Bookcase Speakers

Edifier S3000 Pro

Priced at $799.99, Edifier Wireless Bookcase Speakers deliver premium sound within a beautiful design. These wireless speakers are designed to fit anywhere — from an office to the living room to a man cave. You can adjust the sound to output boom-shaking bass to audio that separates each note.

EleMent Series Microphones

Element Microphones

EleMent offers a series of professional-quality microphones that give you quality sound, reliability, and value. The EM-91C Large-Diaphragm Condenser works well for all your audio needs, including onstage performance and recording, live streaming, and podcasting. Priced at $79.99, this microphone also comes with an XLR cable and shock mount.

Cherry Keyboard and Mouse

Cherry B Unlimited Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Cherry B. Unlimited 3.0 Keyboard and Mouse are designed for continuous thanks to a durable design.  Available in black or white and priced around $70, the wireless keyboard and mouse features include a USB cable charging function for the keyboard and mouse even when it is in use as well as nearly interference-free wireless 2.4 GHz technology, a three-button mouse, and multi-station capability.

Abode Iota Smart Home Security Kit

Abode Iota Home Security

The Abode Iota Smart Home Security Kit is currently on sale for $279 (regularly priced at $329) and provides a comprehensive home security solution. The kit includes a built-in HD camera, motion sensor, 93db siren, and two-way voice feature. Wi-Fi connectivity provides greater control and access. It integrates with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. You can also purchase additional devices and accessories to fit your home size and needs.

FlexiSpot Desk Bike

FlexiSpot Bike Desk

The FlexiSpot Desk Bike is priced at $259.99 (regularly $349.99) and available in white or black. This stationary bike fits under a desk or it can be used separately with a desk add-on accessory that holds a laptop. In either configuration, this bike will let you move and exercise while working.

BioBidet BB-1000 Bidet

Bio Bidet BB 10000 Supreme Bidet

Regularly priced at $499, BioBidet offers its BB-1000 Bidet for $375 as a holiday special. Available in two sizes of elongated toilets and two sizes for round toilets, this bidet is easy to install and packed with technology. Cleaning features include a three-in-one nozzle system, massage cleaning, soft feminine cleaning, and bubble infusion. Convenient features are a wireless remote control, deodorizer, heated seat, automatic power saver, and more.

PuroCalm Earmuffs

PuroCalm Earmuffs

PuroCalm Adjustable Earmuffs are now only $20 (originally $29.99) and available in pink, red, or green. Made for kids, these earmuffs are designed to protect children from loud and harmful noise found on airplanes, at concerts, and in crowded spaces. They offer 27 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for kids, three- to 16-years old. For every pair of PuroCalm earmuffs purchased, the company donates a pair of earmuffs to The KultureCity® Sensory Inclusive™ program, which assists those with autism and other sensory needs to live, play, and work in a quiet and soothing environment.

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10 Tech Holiday Gifts That Will Delight Your Employees

holiday gifts

It’s been a tough year for everyone. Luckily, nothing boosts a flagging spirit like a well-chosen gift. How very lucky we are to have all purchasing power online nowadays — so that we don’t have to brave the big crowds during a pandemic. We can make a wonderful holiday season for family and friends — and especially lift our employee’s hearts — even in these tough times.

The season of giving is right around the corner, and companies are looking for ways to indulge their team members. If you want to reward your employees’ hard work during an incredibly challenging year, consider these 10 awesome tech gift ideas:

1. Electric cruiser bikes

If you’re searching for a tech gift that is just as fun as it is practical, look no further. A Tower electric beach cruiser is the perfect holiday gift for all of your hardest-working employees. 

These functional and powerful bikes can gear riders up for longer, more comfortable rides — even daily commutes. If your employees use their new gift to bike to work, they’ll not only improve their health, they’ll reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Whether riding for exercise, transportation, or pleasure, these bikes let their users cruise in style. 

2. Entertainment streaming players

We all enjoy kicking back and watching our favorite TV show. With Covid-19 still a very real part of our lives, many of us are listening more than ever before — and we need good sound more than ever before. 

With holiday breaks on the horizon, your employees will probably even have time to binge-watch a series or two. If you want a tech gift that everyone at your company will love, entertainment streaming players are a safe bet. With the array of boxes and sticks available, you’re sure to find something in your price range. 

3. Voice-controlled speakers

Voice-activated technologies are huge right now. They can do so much, and there’s a practical use for them no matter who you are.

The Amazon Echo Dot can integrate with a user’s Amazon account, offer shopping recommendations, or answer their questions about the weather. They can also integrate the device with their existing smart home fixtures or tell it to play music — the possibilities are endless.

4. E-readers

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,� English essayist Joseph Addison once wrote. That makes e-readers like the Kindle an ideal choice for companies to give to their employees. As the owner of a company, how could you not like a gift that will keep your employee’s minds sharp? 

Don’t think of e-readers as the gift equivalent of a vegetable steamer or a treadmill. They enable your employees to read for both knowledge and pleasure — meaning they’re a win-win for everyone.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

Your employees may be working at home while attempting to tune out their kids’ online classes. Or perhaps they’ve returned to the office — or will in the new year — with all the ambient noise that your open office plan implies.

Either way, no one likes to be distracted while they’re working. That’s why noise-canceling headphones have become such a hot seller lately. Give your employees noise-canceling headphones, and they’ll be able to focus on their work no matter where they’re doing it. If the expense is a concern, there are plenty of options available under $100.

6. Video doorbells

Video doorbells are one of those modern inventions that your employees never knew they needed. They allow users to safely answer the door at all hours. Better yet, video doorbells provide anytime, anywhere access to video and audio footage of the front door when people are away from home.

The Ring Video Doorbell is among the most popular options on the market today. Depending on the number of features you want, Ring has a variety of doorbell models available at a range of price points.

7. Instant cameras

Believe it or not, instant cameras — first made famous by Polaroid — are making a comeback. A technology we all thought was a thing of the past is now riding high on a wave of nostalgia.

These cameras are the perfect choice for the social butterflies on your team. Taking a group pic and getting an instant printout? Yes, please! The best part? Companies can find instant cameras for under $60, making them an inexpensive, fun gift for their employees.

8. Charging stations

What would your team members do without their gadgets? These days, everyone has a cell phone, and it’s safe to assume many of your employees have a smartwatch, too. Why not give them something they can use to keep both powered up?

Charging stations are practical tech gifts that all of your employees will appreciate. They’re a particularly good choice for a larger workforce, as they’re available at a reasonable price. You can order in bulk yet still personalize your gift by selecting from a variety of color options.

9. Smart home security systems

Keeping your employees safe should always be a top priority. What better way to do that than by giving them a home security system? These systems can be high-tech and extremely pricey, but hear me out: You can start simple and let your employees add on the additional security features they want. 

On the low end, a Smart Lock from SimpliSafe will lock a user’s door automatically when they forget to. Every employee could use this, whether they live in a downtown apartment or a house in the ’burbs. And if they want to enhance the base system, SimpliSafe offers various other security products, like cameras, smoke detectors and motion sensor alarms.

10. Smart alarm clocks

Help your team members rise and shine in the new year by getting them a smart alarm clock. While your employees may think their phone is waking them up well enough, they haven’t seen what smart alarm clocks can do.

The iHome Compact Alarm Clock has a minimalist, L-shaped design that also serves as a wireless phone-charging dock. It even has a built-in auto-dimming feature that adjusts the lights intensity based on the ambient lighting in the room. Who knew alarm clocks could do that?


Treating your employees to a tech gift this holiday season will mean the world to them no matter what you choose. Whether you’re looking for a small gadget, or you want to go all out — there’s an option to fit every company’s budget. So, give your employees the tech gift they deserve this holiday season. You’ll feel just as good giving something wonderful as they will receiving it.

Image credit: Ylanite Koppens; Pexels

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