Giant Key OSRS – How to Get It?

So, after successful registration, you can log in and take your first steps in Old School Runescape. Before you can play in the shared world, you will be given the opportunity to learn basic game skills on Tutorial Island, which is also called a Learning Island. And there will be given a giant key OSRS, which is needed for further game. In this guide, we will describe the whole process.

So Where Does Your Training Begin?

Everything starts with the appearance of your player. You will be offered a menu with which you can set the appearance of your player. Hair length and color, clothing style, skin color, desired gender, etc. It is important to know that you can only change your appearance in the paid version, under certain conditions. Therefore, be vigilant when choosing what suits you best.

Runescape’s guide is the first character you will have to talk to. Pay attention that a light arrow will flicker above his head. This is a pointer to your actions. He will greet you, and after talking with him, you can continue your tour of the learning island. Go through the door to the east and head down the path to the south.

Your First Skills

Now a flashing arrow will be above your next instructor’s head. At this stage, she will teach you how to chop wood and burn it. When you talk to her, you will receive a bronze ax and a matchbox.

You will see a menu with a picture of a backpack. This is your inventory. Go to the nearest tree and click on it. As soon as you cut down the tree, you will see a bundle of firewood in the inventory. Now select the wood (click on them with the mouse) and then use them on the matches (click on the matches). You will see how your character is trying to light the wood. Once that has worked out, talk to the instructor again.

Fishing and Cooking

The instructor will give your fishing net. Pay your attention to the lake. You will see flickering dots in some places where you can fish. Click there and your player will drop the net. As soon as raw fish appears in your inventory, talk to the instructor. She will offer you to fry your fish. Cut down another tree and light a fire. After this, click on the fish to select it and then click on the fire. The first attempts may be unsuccessful since the fish may burn. But do not despair, catch more fish, chop some more wood, light a fire, and fry the fish until your efforts are crowned with success. After this, you will get a Giant Key as a reward.

Skills Menu

Now by clicking on the graph, you can see your menu of all skills available to you. It is highly recommended to seize the moment and level up your Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing, and Cooking skills to level 3. This is the maximum level available on the learning island.

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