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Giftsuite Boxes: Curated Special Edition Box that Promotes Calmness

There are so many gift companies that now make it easy to find something unique to thank a client or colleague as well as recognize a talented individual on your team. One gift company that is attracting more attention is Giftsuite for its uniquely curated and themed gift boxes.

To introduce the company, I want to share one of its exclusive special edition boxes with you.

About GiftSuite

GiftSuite is a minority/Black-owned, female-led, and LGBTQIA-friendly company that was launched to help support similar socially conscious small businesses. The gift boxes focus on items that reflect what’s on-trend or even ahead of the curve.

The companies featured in the curated boxes are considered tech-forward and socially conscious. The GiftSuite team spends time doing comprehensive research to identify start-ups, small businesses, and artisans that have the best products.

How it Works

It’s an easy process to order and personalize your gift box. First, you select the GiftSuite Box you want to get. Then, you upload your company logo (extra charge), which will get added to a gift tag or card (extra charge). You can include a personal message as well as choose the shipping date. The box comes with a complimentary ribbon.

The company also makes it simple if you want to order more than one gift box during the same order, allowing you to include multiple messages, shipping dates, and shipping addresses. The shipping cost for domestic delivery only is a flat $10 per gift box. The company does not accept returns due to the customization of each gift box.

Gift Collections

Prices range from $40 to upwards of hundreds of dollars based on the gift collection you select and how you personalize it. The signature gift collection features kids’ themes as well as gift boxes made for returning to work, working from home, taking a coffee break, and more.

The Limited Edition Inner Calm Box

One of their most luxurious options is their Inner Calm Box. The regular price for this special edition gift box is $441.

This limited edition gift box focuses on wellness and combines a wide range of gift items designed to prioritize health and wellness.

First, there is a small wearable device from Sensate. It uses BioSelf technology and sits on your chest for 10 minutes. During that time, it plays soothing music from the Sensate mobile app to relax and unwind.

Beyond the tech gift, there are many delicious gifts designed with health in mind. This includes a peppermint herbal tea Tin from Harney & Sons and Fool’s Gold southern wildflower premium honey. The gift box also features YUNI
pocket savasana balance and two mini artisanal chocolate bars from Mast Chocolate.

This limited edition gift box is available for pre-order now and then begins shipping in August.

The Video Conference-Ready Gift Box

However, there is one more gift box I want to feature that is so relevant for all of us who work from home. The Ultimate FaceTime/Zoom/Meet Kit is another Special Edition Box available for pre-order now. Priced at $164.50, it includes three products from Shiftcam (pro-wide-angle lens, portable tripod and selfie stick, and universal adapter).

The gift box also comes with tech screen cleansing towelettes from Well-Kept as well as a belt, lightning charging cable from Native Union.

All of these items are primo quality — I’ve seen these and have already placed my orders!

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