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How To Create a Corporate Website with WordPress in 2021

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Creating a successful corporate website is a challenging task. You need to be in line with your brand image and at the same time meet the demand of the market. When you go online, your reach becomes global. You need to cater to a diversified audience. Here is how to create a corporate website with WordPress for 2021.

In such a situation, a powerful corporate WordPress theme can help you to set up a target-specific and impressive website. In this article, we will tell you about how to create a business website using WordPress Corporate Theme by CyberChimps, a user-friendly and feature-rich theme.

The Pages You Must Have on a Corporate Website

If you want to make your business more popular your website must have a classy and engaging design. The design is the first thing your visitors notice. A well-planned website keeps you much ahead of your customers. Here are the most important sections that a corporate website needs to have –

  • About Us

The about us page is a must-have for any website. It is the page where you can tell your target groups who you are, what your mission is, and in what way you can help them.

  • Services Offered

This is the most important section for any business website. Here you describe what you offer. If you can display your services or the products in a catchy way on this page, your market share is likely to increase.

  • Pricing Page

On the pricing page, you describe the pricing plans for various products in detail. This is the page that drives most of the conversion. Display your offers nicely here and add powerful CTAs for a better conversion rate.

  • Blog

A blog is a good way to drive more traffic to a website. You can also use it as a powerful tool for product promotion or influential marketing. You can also build a rapport with industry experts through this section if you can feature them as guest writers from time to time.

  • Contact Us

The contact page is an essential section. This allows your visitors to get in touch with you if they want any further information about your products or services. You can also use it as a tool to collect the contact details of the users.

  • Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a legal need these days. The various privacy laws worldwide mandate all commercial websites to publish a privacy policy. You need to follow the privacy rules of your area of operation to draft your policy. GDPR of the EU and CCPA of California are two major privacy laws of the world.

Top Corporate Websites To Get Inspired By

Here are some famous corporate website that you can follow for your reference –

Create a Corporate Website with WordPress

Dropbox is one of the oldest workforce management software. Their website is visually appealing and at the same time information-rich. At the very first glance, you get to know who they are. Gradually as you scroll down, you discover what they offer.

An eye-soothing navy blue tone dominates the entire website. You can easily find out what you are looking for by clicking either the “Team� or the “individual� button at the top of the homepage.

Create a Corporate Website with WordPress

Fresh deals with herbal beauty products. As they are cosmetics manufacturers and target women, their website has a feminine look. The best products and deals are displayed nicely on the homepage.

You can search for products category-wise. As they are a global brand, they have personalized content for each region. You can select your region from the top right corner of the homepage and see what offerings they have for you.

Create a Corporate Website with WordPress

Oakley’s is an advanced and elegant website. It is one of the most famous brands for sports costumes and accessories. Products are showcased category-wise here. There are two different types of categories – sports type or gender.

Offers are also displayed effectively either on the homepage or on the product pages.

Create a Corporate Website with WordPress

Rubicon offers you various software services. The video background of the smart and stylish website arrests your attention the moment you enter the site. From the header section you can find out easily the services you are looking for. This website can teach you how creative you can be with a corporate website. You can find a perfect blend of information and creativity here.

How To Create A Website With WordPress?

To create a website with WordPress follow the easy steps below –

  • Decide a suitable domain name for your website
  • Select a hosting service provider
  • Create a WordPress account
  • Install and activate a niche-specific theme
  • Design your pages
  • Publish the website

How Can CyberChimps’ WordPress Corporate Theme Satisfy All Your Requirements?

WordPress Corporate theme is a multipurpose corporate theme for WordPress. It is ideal for any business website. It helps you to accomplish the following tasks with its rich features –

  • SEO optimization
  • Brand strategizing
  • Product promotion
  • Data analysis


Here are the key features of the theme –

  • Fully Customizable

The specialty of the WordPress corporate theme is it allows you to customize almost every single element of your website. There are 700+ Google fonts, unlimited color options, right and left sidebars, and numerous header and footer styles. You can embed sliders or carousels to your pages to display your products or achievements.

  • Pre-Designed Pages

WordPress Corporate Theme comes with many readymade page templates. You can import any of the templates with a single click, enter your details, and make the page live. It takes a few seconds. The major page templates that you get with this theme are – homepage, about us page, pricing page, and contact page. The theme is the Elementor Page builder included. You can use it to edit your pages.

  • Services Section

The theme has a well-crafted ready to use services section. You can display your services here with adequate details so that your visitors can get an overview of what you offer. You can also add images here to make it more attractive.

  • Contact Form

You get an advanced contact form with this theme. You can use it to collect the visitors’ contact information and their feedback. It is a good tool for email list building. You can edit the fields if you need to.

  • Cross-Browser Compatible

The theme supports all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. So, to use the theme, you need not worry about its browser compatibility. You can easily continue with the browser you are using.

  • Multilingual Ready

With this powerful Corporate WordPress theme, you can translate your website into any language. The theme is WPML compatible.

Pricing Plans

WordPress Corporate Theme has been rated 4.5/5 with 300+ reviews in the WordPress theme directory. It is marked with unparalleled features and unmatched prices. It is one of the rare themes that offer so many exclusive features at such a reasonable price. It has three different pricing plans. All the plans have a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Here are the plans –

  • Personal – The personal plan is for individual businesses. If you run your own consultancy or online coaching and the likes, you may go for this plan. It comes at $23 and supports a single site.
  • Business – This plan is for small and medium-sized businesses and startups. It supports 3 websites and is offered at $33.
  • Pro- The pro plan is for professional corporate websites. It is exclusively designed for big corporate houses. It powers 100 websites. It is available at $48.

Wrap up

In this article, we gave you an overview of how to create a classy corporate website with a WordPress Corporate Theme by CyberChimps. We described all the steps briefly and also referred to some popular corporate websites of the world for your reference. The theme we discussed here is fit for any screen size and offers you all the necessary features that you need to run a corporate website and grow your business hosting

. Just install the theme and go ahead. It will help you to take your business to the next level.

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Accurate Data AI artificial intellgence Automation Data Big Data Machine Learning ML

How Can AI and ML Transform the Way We Read and Understand Data?

ai and ml understand data

Today’s business is ruled by data and data-driven understanding. How you understand the data and interpret the data into business decisions has a direct impact on your business conversion and growth. For a more precise understanding of data, today we have artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies on our side. No doubt, these technologies that mimic human reasoning can positively transform businesses and their strategies.

We need to understand the impact of AI and ML technologies have in shaping our understanding and capability to interpret data.

Data-Driven Personalization

Any business understands the importance of communicating with customers individually. Yes, thanks to the very nature of digital interfaces that opened up the tremendous scope of individual preferences and choices, your business communication must take into account the preferences of individual customers. The increasing importance of addressing individual choices for business conversion has forced many companies to focus on data-driven personalization measures.

Not only the large businesses but also the startups and small businesses increasingly understand the importance of having access to the relevant data for meeting the needs of visitors. AI can dig the available user data deeper and fetch out relevant patterns and insights that can be further utilized for data-driven decision making personalization. AI can also help to scale up such personalization efforts for every individual user.

Stop the churn rate.

A superb example of how AI can allow personalization in business operations can be found in the case of Starbucks. The global coffee chain brand designed 400,000 different types of emails created based on the data of individual preferences, tastes, and choices. Such well crafted personalized communication can help brands to create more engaging communication and conversation for business brands. The brand actually AI to decipher the volumes of data corresponding to customer preferences and choices.

Data collection and data-centric.

When it comes to smaller businesses and little startups, such as AI-based data collection and data-centric personalization may be a little expensive. But small businesses can embrace similar approaches to create very specific data-oriented marketing campaigns with short duration to boost business conversion and customer engagement. Such AI-powered data-driven campaigns can also help to lift the brand image of any company.

Generating Sales Leads from Data that’s Understood

For the B2B segment, business conversion highly depends on generating new leads. The B2B companies also need to depend heavily on tracking contact data and reaching out to them effectively through lead generation funnel. Most marketers agree to the humongous range of challenges B2B-based businesses face in doing this. This is where AI can play a great role in streamlining the process of lead generation through intelligent automation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered lead generation and contact tracking solutions have the capability to make an analysis of the customer base along with important trends and emerging patterns. These trends, patterns, anomalies, characteristics, and various attributes can deliver important insights for optimizing websites and web apps. Thanks to AI-based optimization insights a website can venture to use better programming language, tools, features, and UI elements to generate more leads.

Analytics and you.

On the other hand, AI-based business data analysis can work hand in hand with big data analytics. This sophisticated and highly incisive approach to data utilization can easily help to discover ideal customers for a business. The interactions of users on web pages and corresponding data can be analyzed by B2B brands with the help of AI tools to produce the most relevant as well as actionable insights.

Analytical activities.

To make things easier for the businesses, AI, and machine learning technology for such analytical activities are now spotted in most of the leading analytics solutions across the spectrum. Simple Google Analytics can also offer highly result-oriented and precision-driven reports. Such technologies can easily know about the shortcomings and loopholes behind the decreasing motivation of traffic and readings of business conversion fallout.

Great analytics tools.

There are also great tools like Finteza that uses AI technology for monitoring website traffic on a continuous basis besides checking other crucial issues and irregularities. These tools can also improve your data security since by detecting bad traffic they automatically point out the vulnerabilities in the web app.

Poor web traffic often results in DDoS attacks, manipulation of website cookies, and hackers or malicious programs impersonating computer bots. An AI-based lead generation solution can also reduce these security vulnerabilities.

Optimizing the User Experience (UX)

AI optimizes the scope of personalization in a data-driven manner and that is portrayed as the principal useless of AI in dealing with data. But AI is also highly effective in optimizing the web design and improving the user experience (UX).

User Behavior

AI achieves this optimization and improvement by analyzing user behavior and interaction data and user feedback. Machine learning programs particularly can play a very effective role in learning from user behavior and adjusting various interactive elements accordingly.

AI and ML programs running behind the scene basically collect a lot of data corresponding to real user behavior so that real-time feedback about shortcomings and improvement needs can be communicated to the business owners. An ML-based program can also bring instant tweaks to the UX attributes for better engagement.

Another important thing in this respect that needs to be explained is the great role of AI in improving the efficiency of A/B tests. In the A/B testing process the AI and machine learning can deliver the most important insights about user demands and preferences to take further enhancement measures for UI and UX.

The most important aspect of AI in making an impact over A/B testing is that it leaves no scope for vague assessment or guessing. The data-driven insights guiding the A/B testing is more possible now as website cookies provide clear insights concerning user behavior.

Based on such insights the landing pages can reduce form fields as per user interest and preferences.

Biometric Data Pushing for Enhancements

Biometrics data corresponding to direct interactions with a web app can help developers and marketers with a lot of actionable insights. There are many advanced online services right now available in the market that can help to understand and decipher website data.

Biometrics data coupled up with AI and machine learning technology opened up new possibilities for improved user experience.

Among these available services for data interpretation mostly take the help of a combination of both artificial intelligence and machine learning. These sophisticated solutions can easily track the eye movements of the users.

In addition, some of these services can also track facial expressions to assess user responses in different contexts. These services can extract the most organic kind of user data and generate the most valuable insights that can be used for UX design and performance optimization of websites.


As the trends stand, from this year onward the AI and ML-based data analytics and data-centric optimization of business apps will have more dominance. Thanks to these two technologies, there will be the least guesswork for all design, development, and optimization decisions.

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