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Legends Gamer Pro: A New Way to Play Favorite Arcade Games

Legends Gamer Pro Review

In recent years, classic arcade games have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to Sega and other gaming companies. Now, AtGames has delivered its own take on connecting with these arcade games with its Legends Gamer Pro. Here is my review of this new gaming system.

About Legends Gamer Series

The Wireless Open and Connected Arcadeâ„¢ include the Gamer Pro ($249.99)and Gamer Mini ($99) available on the company’s website. There are three arcade controller options and a separate game console. This review focuses on the Legends Gamer control top, which is a wireless arcade controller that works with the included Streaming Arcade Console as well as many other devices. The Streaming Arcade Console plugs and plays on all types of television displays. TV.

There are 100 – 150 built-in, licensed arcade and console games. These games feature different genres, such as action, puzzles, sports, casino, fighting, platform, and shooter games just to name a few.


The AtGames Legends Gamer control panel has arcade controls, including eight action buttons for each player. There is an arcade trackball as well as two sets of flipper and action buttons to create an authentic virtual pinball environment.

The console also allows you to save, pause, and rewind your arcade games. You can track and save high scores as well as change aspect ratios. You can add gamepads to play PC titles or allow gaming for up to four players.

Set-up and Play

As you may know from my other reviews, I am big on easy installation. Easy installation means a plug and play environment. The instructions were not as clear as I would like them to be to help me get it set up quickly.  What took the most time was trying to wirelessly pair the fight stick controller and the core. The short cables also made it challenging.

You also have to use the joystick and buttons to input your WiFi login information. And, if you use complex credentials for your WiFi, it is going to feel like this takes forever. You also need to create an AtGames account for online leader boards, firmware updates, and the ArcadeNet game streaming service.

Legends Gamer Pro

What I Like and What Could Be Improved

What stands out is the design and materials quality. It’s sturdy and feels like it will lap no matter how often it’s used. You can keep the console on your lap or play it from a table. All the features feel just like the features used in an old arcade game that I used to play down at my local mall.

In the previous section, I noted some of my frustrations around setting up the gaming system. If this could be improved, it would make it easier to get up and gaming rather than take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Also, while there are a lot of games you haven’t heard of, these are generally okay to play. I would definitely like to see more arcade games added in the near future to keep me and the kids engaged.

However, there is another aspect that I like connected to the games, which is a feature called BYOG, or Bring Your Own Games. To use this game, you need to download free software to convert your homebrew games and ROMs to a format that is compatible with AddOnX. Look on YouTube for how to do this because, again, the instructions that came with the device are not helpful.

In the Box

You will get the gaming console, the core that connects to your television, a one-foot HDMI cable, and a micro USB power cable for the core device.

The box also contains a USB charging and data cable to charge the arcade fight stick and send data between the fight stick and the core device. However, you do have the option for wireless connection, by connecting the fight stick and core through Bluetooth.

Overall Thoughts

The Legends Gamer Pro is a fun gaming experience for anyone who wants to relive or discover the authentic-feeling arcade experience without buying an original and bulky arcade game. Although it is somewhat expensive for somewhat limited arcade game options, you can integrate other games through the BYOG feature. It’s a good choice to add to your holiday wish list!

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