What is a data room?

Nowadays, all corporations are eager to maximize their all working processes and motivate employees for more intensive performance. As it is a common thing to use state-of-the-art technologies, we propose for you to look at them from different sides. If you want to do this and bring simplicity to all corporations, you have to follow the information that we have prepared for you. Are you ready for this?

Do you still work with a vast number of documents? Would you like to use a specific place for them? The answer is clear – implement data room. In simple words, it is one of the most secure spaces where all employees can gather files. Only they will have access to the data room as it is advisable to take every document under control. With the data room, all staff will focus on their work and projects to complete due to the deadlines. Furthermore, it will be easier for file exchange and to find required material in the short term. With a data room, you will have a healthy working balance. 

Software features for a better choice

There is no doubt that every director wants to implement the most relevant software for workers’ usage. In order to do this, they have to pay attention to software features. As it exists a wide range of software that includes dissimilar functions, directors have to pay attention to the complex working environment, especially employees’ performance. Also, they have to define all desires and consider companies’ budgets as they may also vary. The core software functions are:

  • Functionality that supports in every daily routine employee and shares simplicity;
  • Reliability that supports un anticipating a wide range of viruses;
  • Efficiency that gives all chances to complete every project in time and with the best solutions;
  • Usability that shares the possibility to utilize at any time and device.

Knowing the core elements of software features, you will omit most challenges in selecting multiple suitable software.

Another practical aspect that will be suitable for every organization is the business tool. It depends on the main goals and strategies that are used by employees. In order to select the best business tool focus, on such elements as:

  • Define all desires and functions;
  • Make a complex investigation on all aspects of work;
  • Compare business tool;
  • Pay attention to reviews and comments.

To conclude, state-of-the-art technologies bring changes, but only directors decide whether they follow them and begin more innovative performance or focus on their present working routine.  Focus on the employees and customers, provide only the most crucial products and begin new performance that will lead you to the best results. You have everything required to motivate all staff and provide a flexible workspace. Make this choice and forget about limits.  


The Future Of Board Portal Software In 2022

At the end of each year, many of us take stock of the main results of our work for the entire previous year, and business representatives are no exception. Moreover, many experts and analysts believe that this is the best time for making predictions for the next year. It is not a secret that the development of the business world happens according to certain trends which define ways and means of development of companies around the world, regardless of their specialization and scale of activity. 

Such trends affect not only the development of companies, but also related industries, in particular – the business software market. In order to assess virtual portal trends and use them to the benefit of your company, we and paperless board meeting solution offer a brief look at the main features of digital technologies for business, which will determine their development in 2022.

What should users of virtual portals expect in 2022?

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in recent years business trends are somewhat stable and are not changing as fast as they did 5-10 years ago. This provides stability for the development of all sectors of the market and business world. The same statement will be true for the market of virtual software for various companies. For several years in a row we can observe the persistence of some trends which determine the development of companies. Some of these trends will continue to have an impact in 2022. Among them, the following are worth noting:

  1. Digital security. Digital technology offers new opportunities not only for businesses, but also for criminals. Therefore, the development of new methods of data protection is one of the most relevant in the technology market. Developers and providers of virtual ptal already use the most effective methods of information protection, including multistage authentication, control over the actions of registered users, blockchain principles, and many others. New technologies offer new levels and types of security, including those with elements of artificial intelligence.
  2. Introduction of new services. The use of virtual portals, filling virtual data warehouses, in particular, updating their functionality, should improve the use of the platform by different types of customers. Work is already underway to introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms into virtual portals, which in the future will drive the development of new options in the functionality of virtual platforms and improve their performance.
  3. Improving customer service. These days, almost all companies focus their work on customer needs. With the help of virtual portals, work with clients can be carried out in two main areas – providing quality service support and support for effective communication with both regular and new users. The success of the entire company will depend on how well thought-out customer service will be.

It should also be remembered that the popularity and demand for virtual portals becomes more and more evident each year, so experts predict an increase in the number of users of this type of software around the world. It will allow not only the creation of more effective tools for business but also will bring companies’ activity to a new level.

Boardmaps Provides Simple To Use Collaboration Software

Organizing collaborative work, especially in times of pandemics, can become an almost impossible task. Many obstacles can arise along the way, and if they are not reacted to in time, they can become chronic and interfere with the company’s work regardless of the external conditions of its work. To prevent this, it is necessary to protect yourself – in particular, to switch in time to the use of new software products for the organization of the working process. How to do it with maximum benefit for the company, we suggest you learn from our article.

What solution will help to organize the collaborative work process?

Choosing the right software solution for the whole company can be difficult since the market of digital business solutions is literally flooded with various options for companies. To avoid getting lost in this variety, you need to pay attention to the key criteria of each software product you are going to use. In particular, robust collaboration portals should be:

Easy to use, so as not to distract from basic work tasks and not to take a lot of time to learn its features;

  • Universal – not only the company employees, but also its customers and business partners will use the tools of the virtual portal, so such software should work equally well on all user devices;
  • Have a wide range of working tools – the portal options should allow not only to communicate with the participants of business relations, but also to perform other tasks – for example, to plan the company work, create public announcements, track the results of work, create, edit and store a large number of documents and much more;
  • Safe – providing safety of documents containing confidential information should be in the first place for the company regardless of the specifics of its work, so the options of virtual portals should provide the ability to monitor their status even in remote working conditions.

There are many worthy options on the market of virtual platforms for business, but more info here takes a special place among them and its main advantage – it meets all the key requirements of its customers.

What does the use of Board portal software in the work of the company?

When you implement Board portal software, you not only get to stay in touch with your employees and customers. You can also get some company-wide benefits, including:

  • Optimization of portal maintenance costs – the cost of such software is many times cheaper than maintaining standard local infrastructures;
  • Reduction of time for routine work tasks and the opportunity to use it more thoughtfully;
  • Increase of quality of work at all levels of the company;
  • Increased involvement and interest in the life of the company for each employee, because you do not need to visit the office every day.

By choosing board portal software, you can not only quickly organize the collaborative work process, even outside the office, but also can lay the foundation for more successful company development in both the near future and in the long term.

Could Virtual data room Software Boost your Business?

VDRs offer an alluring recommendation to your customer. It permits them to participate in exceptionally private arrangements and critical, existing apart from everything else deals choices from any spot they have a sense of security. They can be at home, in their own office, or distant from any individual who could spill data — basically permitting them to lead their gathering with their wellbeing ensured.

The primary highlight while virtual data room comparison is security. The additional advantage is the long-range potential it offers. Legitimate utilization of VDRs to set up arrangements and gatherings can, for instance, transform a nearby business into a territorial one as they can welcome new customers from everywhere to draw in with them decently and similarly.

Utilizing a VDR shows consistency with rising norms for security and correspondence. They are simple, clear, and give a safe spot for a group to assemble information and data without spending the entirety of the free space on their own PCs or workers. It can help a group inside an organization or assist with social occasions a group of customers from outside.

What Businesses Should Use a VDR

Any business that arrangements with secret information should utilize one to deal with the exchanges safely. This incorporates monetary foundations that need to go over delicate customer data without remembering any external individuals for the gathering. Initial public offerings and land resources the executives are generally maintained through VDRs.

Tech organizations can likewise utilize them to share and go over code or delicate information that is crucial for activities. Just the right eyes will see it and just the right hands will oversee it. The equivalent goes for customers who are confiding in their valuable code to just the top experts inside an association. Code isn’t something that can be printed and brought over in an organizer. It has a place on a PC and should be divided among PCs.

Any business that oversees information in archives, legitimate firms, or monetary counselors, can utilize a VDR. Those are archives that should be constantly taken care of and controlled secretly, and that security is difficult to keep when they’re on a worker that others can get to. Consider a VDR lock on the file organizer to keep that load of envelopes and archives securely in your control.

The Future of VDRs

However long there are security concerns, VDRs will keep on improving to meet those worries. Security is the principal battle that the VDR tries to survive. There are numerous approaches to send huge bits of information immediately between clients, however, one wrong maneuver could send that information to hundreds who shouldn’t get it.

The eventual fate of VDRs will be brought into the world through rivalry to see which administration offers the most security and extra components. Visiting capacities will turn out to be progressively normal so significant gatherings will not need to be hung on more open stages like Zoom, which regularly experiences the ill effects of association issues and needs security capacities.

VDRs will likewise turn into the future for some organizations. Any individual who considers having private gatherings to go over private archives can do that with a VDR without leaving their office or even their home. Having that much power over a climate will be an extremely alluring possibility for some customers also who would prefer not to or can’t leave their home however should lead business notwithstanding.

Data room due diligence for complex performance

Have you ever heard about modern technologies that can develop your working routine? However, you still have hesitations because you are still not sure about your choice? Today we are going to open new opportunities for you. Data room due diligence, virtual data room, business news, and safe business management are those tips and tricks that will be beneficial in usage. Let’s develop the working routine with modern technologies!

To begin with, data room due diligence will focus mainly on sensitive documents that are used during vital business deals and various transactions. In simple words, data room due diligence is a helping hand during the process of preparation for all types of transactions and various business transactions. Data room due diligence will include all crucial features that can be used during the whole working process. Besides, this tool can be used in different companies’ processes, for example, financial, management, strategic, legal, etc. The principal aspect of data room due diligence, in German datenraum due diligence https://datenraume.de/due-diligence/,  is to present only unconventional and efficient tools that will stimulate companies to make their decisions wisely.   

It becomes an integral working routine for those companies that deal with a lot of documents and various business transactions.

Also, the virtual data room will focus on the communication between the company and customers as the main aim is to provide valuable communication. There is no doubt that it has become one of the main aspects in during healthy working relations between company and clients. With the usage of virtual data room, it will be more comfortable and more straightforward to achieve all tasks and do everything on time. Furthermore, a virtual data room allows for collaborative work, and employees will have enough possibilities and resources for prolific performance. 

There is no doubt that business owners have to be aware of all modern techniques that are possible in usage. Nowadays, it emerges various types of such technologies can change your company. In order to be cautious about then, it exits business news.  Business news gathers all relevant information together and tells users all advantages and disadvantages. If you want to use only beneficial technologies inside your corporations, you have to investigate all popular business news.

Safe business management focuses on the working processes. With the usage of this innovation, it will provide only advanced work, that will how to use working time correctly, how to structuralize workers performance, which technologies to use to protect working routine, etc. Safe business managements become an ideal solution for those corporations that want to be sufficient and propose only the best support and work for customers.

To conclude, modern techniques have changed business life. In order to fulfill company potential, it is highly recommended to implement only proper tips and tricks for business as the resulting company has everything that is required for exceptional performance.

Best dtp software

The article will cover the important details on the perfect apps for creating magazines, brochures, layouts, and other options for designing documents.

What is DTP

Creating and designing different types of documents is easy with desktop publishing (DTP) programs. Allowing you to make important addings to images and layouts DTP is considered to be beneficial. You get the full control over the size and space to put everything in the right place to manage printing the document appropriately. The better software you choose the more functions you get. Changing fonts, colour palette, inserting images are worth managing with the proper solution. In the end, you will get overwhelming results without any skills. It is a key benefit of the qualified DTP programs. Professional-looking documents are interpreted with the best tools.

How to manage the best DTP

To get really excellent results and the perfect look of your document you will need the right software. Prioritize the reliable brands with a trusted reputation. Free trials and free modes are the exclusive offers tgay you should give it a try. Don’t forget to check the payment plans whether they are worth handling. Deep feature set of the app is of utmost importance. Keep an eye on additional features that could be required for better document management design. Usability of the tool matters as well if you have to operate the document appropriately and quickly.

Top software solutions

Here you can view the top-ranking picks to cover your basic needs and come up with the right choice. Try to choose the perfect quality products not to miss your chance to achieve the best results!

  1. The accessible platform and ease of use is what characterizes Microsoft Publisher. To get into desktop publishing you can easily purchase the item at an affordable price. It is an excellent option for beginners.
  2. The most powerful solution with loads of great features is dealing with Adobe InDesign. The platform is obviously professional and it is appreciated to be pricey, therefore. A great set of additional options are available and responsive for durable printing for your publishing projects.
  3. A cross platform which is presenting its good features for free is really worth monitoring. It’s all about Scribus and its standalone feature set. You will get everything you need for qualified producing of books, magazines, brochures, and more.
  4. Impressive topography is responsive with QuarkXPress deep feature set. You will definitely want to try out the option. Mind that the app seems to be pricey for the average customer.
  5. You will want to create manageable features of Xara Page. The option is intuitive and easy to navigate. The pricing is affordable. If you’re a newcomer, it’s a good idea to start here.


Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, there’s something special for everyone. You will want a deep feature set and affordable pricing for qualified additional features. Come up with the informed decision and make the gorgeous look of your document.

How Can B2B Sales Go Digital-First Even After Covid-19?

digital-first b2b sales

Covid-19 has taken growing trends and accelerated them at exhilarating speeds. This has made it difficult for businesses to keep up with new consumer needs and best practices. Juggling social distancing and quarantine periods has been difficult enough; now organizations need to figure out how to thrive in a post-Covid world.

One such trend is that of digital and virtual sales. A study conducted by McKinsey and Co. shows that 90% of B2B decision-makers are confident that virtual sales will continue even after Covid-19 has passed. While remote/digital sales became necessary to prevent the spread of the virus, businesses should prepare to make this a part of their full-time strategy entering 2021.

Changing your B2B sales strategy is easier said than done. To help you make the transition effectively, keep the following tips in mind. They’ll help you get started on the right foot.

Embrace New Technology

Transitioning to digital sales will be a challenge if your business isn’t equipped with the right tools. A carpenter will be much more productive with a table saw than a sheet of sandpaper. Your digital arsenal will need a boost if you hope to find success with virtual sales.

Here are the types of tools you’ll need to succeed with digital-first B2B Sales — especially during and after this pandemic.

  • Videoconferencing tools enable more fluid and personal interaction with customers.
  • Customer relationship software keeps track of customer information and sales leads.
  • Data analytics tools let you know which strategies are working and which aren’t.
  • Email marketing software automatically sends email messages to generate leads and close sales.
  • An online sales navigator organizes the sales you make online over platforms such as LinkedIn.
  • Sales presentation tools broaden the capabilities of your videoconferencing calls, increasing their effectiveness.

While even one of these tools will help, the best strategy implements multiple tools. Start with your digital sales goals and pick out the tools that will help you reach them.

Learn How to Build Relationships Digitally

A huge part of sales is the relationship-building process. How can you develop close ties with customers and partners without seeing them in person? Just like with sales pitches, you’ll need to take a different approach to really reach your clients on a deeper level.

Charles Gaudet, CEO of the business coaching and consulting firm Predictable Profits, offers the following three-step guide for building relationships digitally:

1. Social Selling

Your social media sites can be used for more than just marketing. Interacting with clients’ pages by liking, commenting, and sharing their content helps establish a digital relationship with them.

2. Video

As with sales pitches, video is more effective than text or voice alone. Video calls are more personal than emails or even phone calls. While all three should be used to a degree, great success comes from making sure video is a part of your relationship-building strategy.

3. Steady Communication

As important as the platform you use to contact customers is how you communicate with them. Such is true with any partnership or relationship. Prompt follow-ups, honest inquiries, and genuine care expressed through steady communication will go a long way.

These three simple steps will help you start developing relationships with your customers virtually. As you get used to the process, you can adjust it to meet the needs of your customer base and fit it to your team’s strengths.

Learn How to Sell Virtually

Traditional sales tactics aren’t as effective in the virtual world. Some techniques will translate over nicely, but your general sales approach will need some tinkering to align with virtual interactions. These small adjustments are what set a successful digital sales strategy apart from the rest.

For example, in-person sales meetings often involve reading and expressing body language. Body language helps the sales rep gauge buyer interest and figure out what keeps them engaged during a presentation. Your appearance, expression, gestures, and posture also carry more weight in an in-person meeting.

What methods will you use in your digital sales strategy?

Virtual meetings don’t allow for as much physical expression, so you must learn how to generate interest and attract attention using other methods. For example, a study performed by Gong.io shows that deals close 127% more quickly when video is used. Video allows you to connect with customers more effectively and use visual resources that can be of great benefit to a sales pitch.

Be Aware of Pitfalls

Digital sales isn’t a fairy wonderland of endless cash flow and paying customers. There are still pitfalls and obstacles that stand in the way of success. Recognizing and anticipating these pitfalls will prevent you from getting stuck in a sales rut.

“The biggest pitfall of a digital-first sales approach is the ability to get and keep your prospects’ attention,� notes Gaudet. “With every enterprise sales organization using a digital-first strategy, inboxes are flooded with messages. To counter this challenge, companies must use an omnichannel approach to prospecting.�

An omnichannel approach means using a variety of sources to contact and connect with customers. Email, social media, and cold calls are all methods that work better together than separately.

Grab Hold of Digital Assets

Prospects will do their research when shopping online for products, services, or business partners. Due to their careful research, you’ll need to have your digital assets lined up and displayed to attract their attention and lure them to your company.

Your first digital sales weapon is your website.

Your website is often the first exposure a customer will have to your brand. Your website should have educational resources, clear pricing and product/service options, as well as a certification of authority in your respective field.

Your online sales and marketing strategies will bring customers over to your website and social pages, where the content they find will influence them just as much as any sales pitch would. Take the time to review your digital assets to look for ways to strengthen them, display them better, or add to them.

Give digital sales a try — and get good at this type of sales.

Ready to give digital sales a try? Remember that your remote sales team is important and will need training for these unprecedented times. Better now than later, because this trend will sweep you in its direction eventually whether you like it or not.

The sooner you start working on your digital sales strategy, the sooner you can optimize it to shatter your sales goals in 2021.

Image Credit: pexels; pixabay

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Is Technological Progress Slowing Down?

Technology is amazing. And it seems to get even more impressive every year. Every day, there’s some new gadget or breakthrough in the news worth getting excited about. And every year, our collective capabilities as a species seem to be getting broader and further-reaching. 

For decades, we’ve seen a veritable explosion in technological development – an exponential curve of innovation that constantly takes us to new heights. And we’re told that this technological curve is continuing – that we’re still growing exponentially, with massive leaps forward every year. 

But is this really true? 

There’s a compelling case to be made that while technological progress is still moving forward, it’s slowing down. And if that’s true, we need to be prepared for the consequences of such a shift in momentum. 

The Low-Hanging Fruit

Our first clue that tech innovation is slowing down is a change to the traditional model of tech development. In many ways, technology is all about solving problems; every new tech advancement is a solution for some long-standing issue. It makes sense that our current wave of tech advancement resembles an exponential curve because new technologies make it faster and easier to solve other, often unrelated problems. 

For example, the development of the internet was revolutionary for technological development overall. People now can review massive databases of information, communicate with other like-minded professionals, share ideas, and even publish their ideas to a broader audience. These capabilities have led to new ideas and new technologies that otherwise could never have been possible. 

But this trajectory is limited. In the course of tech development, we often explore new territory very quickly – but only for a limited period of time. Think of it this way. As early human beings began exploring new territory, they found themselves surrounded by an abundance of game animals, trees, and fish. But as they hunted, harvested lumber, and fished, many of those resources began to dry up. In other words, they’d taken all the low-hanging fruit, and were forced to come up with new ideas. They had to explore new territory, invent new agricultural methods, and even find new sources of nourishment. 

Our current burst of technological progress could be almost exclusively focused on low-hanging fruit. We’re solving the easiest problems first, and we’re solving them in quick succession. But the hard problems – like general intelligence-level AI, efficient battery storage, and even finding a cure for cancer – show little progress even over the course of decades. 

Any futurist will tell you that all of humanity’s problems can be solved eventually. But we have to understand that our pace of innovation tends to slow down as we master all the “easy� problems and start looking at the “hard� ones. 

Digital Innovation vs. Chemical Innovation 

We also need to understand that most of the tech progress we’ve seen in the past 30 or 40 years has been limited to the digital world. These technologies have been astounding, accelerated by novel high-growth startups, but they’ve almost been exclusively focused on digital communication efficiency. The internet, software engineering, and AI have all taken amazing strides forward. But on the level of chemistry and physics, we’ve advanced very little. 

We’re still incredibly reliant on non-renewable resources to fuel our consumption. We haven’t discovered any groundbreaking new elements, molecules, or chemical processes. And our understanding of the universe at the base level of physics hasn’t changed much, if at all, since the 1980s. We’re still struggling to reconcile major physics ideas that were first introduced nearly 100 years ago. 

So what? Digital innovation may be so incredibly fast-paced that it can be the conduit through which we solve all other problems, right? 

That may not be the case. For the majority of the digital age, we’ve depended on the momentum of Moore’s law. Moore’s law is an informal observation that the number of transistors that we can fit on a dense integrated circuit tends to double every two years. In other words, our computing power can double every two years, leading to major breakthroughs in a number of different technologies. 

However, it appears that the age of Moore’s law may be nearing its end. There’s an absolute physical limit to the amount of space on a transistor chip. With exponential growth since the 1960s, we’ve gone from integrated circuits with 10 transistors to ICs with something like 10 billion transistors. How much further can we really go without breaking the laws of physics? 

We may be able to push things even further, but to do so, we’ll need to invest in high-end chipmaking equipment and innovate entirely new manufacturing methods. Doing so will sharply increase the cost of chip production, ultimately negating the cost-effectiveness benefits. 

Of course, there’s a solid counterargument here. It holds that digital innovation may continue at the same rate of exponential growth even if we’re unable to maintain the consistency of Moore’s law; even if the number of transistors on a chip remains more or less stagnant, we can find new ways to use the chips we already have. 

Consumer Products and Perceptions 

We see an endless conveyor belt of new gadgets and new consumer-facing technologies emerging on a constant basis. But how innovative are all these products, really? 

Apple introduced the iPhone, a game-changing new type of technology, back in 2007. It combined several existing technologies into one, comprehensive unit, and changed the way we think about mobile tech forever. In the past 14 years, how much innovation have we truly seen in this space? We’ve seen a flock of competitors coming out with smartphone options of their own. And of course, we’ve seen Apple unveil a new model of iPhone nearly every year. 

But these new, “innovative� smartphones only make marginal improvements to the original formula. Their cameras are sharper. Their processing power is beefier. Their storage capacity and battery life are more robust. But they can hardly be considered new technology, at least not at the same groundbreaking level of their predecessor. 

As consumers, we’re getting used to a slower pace of technological breakthroughs. We’re content to see new smartphones, new video game consoles, and new TVs that offer merely slight improvements over their counterparts, rather than completely changing the game – and this is enough for us to continue thinking that we’re living in an age of exponential technology growth. 

What Does a Tech Slowdown Mean? 

So what does all this mean? Is it really a big deal that there’s a major tech slowdown? 

Much of our economic growth depends on technological innovation. Countless retirement plans like 401(k) depend on the growth of the stock market, which in turn depends on baseline economic growth; a slowdown in tech innovation leads to a slowdown in GDP, resulting in a cascade of economic effects that could cripple the economy at large. 

The larger danger is that we don’t realize the tech slowdown is occurring until it’s too late. Tech stocks are being traded and inflated as if they’re inventing fundamentally new technologies; as a general trend, they multiply in price in response to even the most meager announcements. If carried out for years to come, this could result in a massive tech bubble, or a broader investment bubble, that pops once investors begin realizing just how slow our growth has crawled. 

Of course, this slowdown may be merely a temporary lull. Just as the digital era sparked the launch of a million new problem-solving technologies, we may be on the cusp of another, equally paradigm-shifting breakthrough. To get there, we’ll need to refocus our research efforts and accept the limitations of the digital space. 

Our half-century long honeymoon with explosive tech growth in the digital era has been incredible, but it’s nearing its end. If we want to keep moving forward (as we should), we need to reset our expectations, redouble our research efforts, and start looking into new territory for technological expansion. 

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Dear Robinhood CEO: Here’s What You Should Have Done Instead


It takes years to build a reputation and only moments to destroy it. Amidst an unprecedented (ugh – not that word again!) trading surge, the Robinhood CEO had an impossible tension to navigate. How to address big-picture business concerns, while appeasing the interests of investors and company employees.

I’m sorry to say that employees got picked last.

Robinhood Employes Not Happy

Robinhood CEO experiences employee backlash.

Employees Feeling Disenfranchised

According to its website, Robinhood’s mission is “democratize finance for all.� But the decision was made this past week to restrict transactions on highly volatile stocks (do I even need to tell you which?). And team members were left wondering if they had been lied to.

“In the knowledge economy, employees espouse the brand values as much as their title or their paycheck,� says leadership expert, Robert Glazer, of Acceleration Partners. “One wrong move is often met with grace. But wrong moves compounded with poor communication can cause a revolt and an employee backlash�

Robinhood apologized to its one thousand employees by issuing a $40 DoorDash credit. This gesture occurred after the company secured an additional billion dollars to cover margins. A necessary operational response? Absolutely. But not the message they were looking to send internally.

“The recipients were patronized,� says John Ruhlin, author of GIFT∙OLOGY, a playbook for B2B gifting. “Everyone on the planet is watching your every move. And the best you can come up with is a $40 gift card? This adds insult to injury.�

Foundations of Employee Gifting

In Robinhood’s defense, most business leaders are horrific gift-givers. One recent study documents how givers and recipients place different value judgments on the same gift. The disconnect can be so massive that, according to another study, the wrong gift does more to hurt than help.

Ruhlin says he’s seen it happen. “Loyalty is fickle because feelings are fickle. We have clients that come to us and say: ‘we tried gifting, we messed it up, can you salvage this?’ Fortunately the answer is almost always yes.�

So what should Robinhood’s CEO have done? And how can you successfully execute strategic gifting in your organization? The following tips will help.

Choose your words carefully 

The most important part of an apology is to mean it. Jonathan Bernstein, founder of Bernstein Crisis Management and author of ‘10 Steps of Crisis Communication,’ suggests leading with empathy. “Your messaging must make it clear you have compassion – stakeholders must understand your message the way it was meant to be understood.� In other words: you must genuinely care.

Proper wordsmithing is crucial even when you’re not apologizing. Would you rather eat something 95% lean or 5% fat? If your goal is sincerity, avoid clichés and corporate platitudes.

Good leaders communicate from the heart. Not through the lens of legal permissibility or marketing spin.

Get them what they want

While this might be blasphemous to some, these five studies make a convincing argument to involve the recipient in gift selection. Monika Kochhar is the co-founder of SmartGift, a platform that enables business leaders to connect with others in a virtual world.

“Modern day technology allows us to re-imagine the traditional gifting experience. Instead of saying, ‘here – I got this for you,’ we can now say ‘I got this for you – which color, what size, and where do you want it shipped?’� SmartGift uses artificial intelligence to help match recipients with the right item at a pre-determined price point.

No more ‘one size fits all.’ Something Robinhood employees (and critics) might have appreciated.

Spend the right amount

So how much should Robinhood have spent on their gift? Both Ruhlin and Kochhar cited similar numbers from their client experiences. “Our biggest successes are practical luxuries, in the $100-$300 range. It’s high enough to afford quality, but not so low to appear stingy.�

Kochhar suggests not obsessing over price-tags. “Employee gifting is an investment. Leaders don’t audit the salaried costs of two hour Zoom calls. Yet we’re going to pinch nickels with appreciation? Double standards do not serve us.�

It’s not about you.

The fastest way to devalue a gift and turn it into an advertisement is by putting your company’s name on it (this StoryBrand podcast explains it nicely). Over the years, I have received a thrift store’s worth of logo-covered tote bags, clothing, and water bottles. All have been donated, trashed, or relegated to the garage.

Robinhood might not have done this explicitly. But the immediacy of their gesture suggests more of a reactionary appeasement than genuine remorse. You wouldn’t give your spouse a gift with your name on it. Don’t do it for your employees or clients. And never make your gifts about the optics.

The right perspective. Always.

Leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk encourage leaders to play the long game – both with gifting and decision-making. While I am empathetic to the chaos surrounding Robinhood’s CEO this past week, this saga feels less like a passing tabloid headline and more like THE BIG SHORT. Or at least an extended 30-for-30 episode.

Unlike certain investment strategies, there’s no benefit to volatile reputations. In today’s media-crazed environment, brands explode (or implode) when the CEO makes the right moves. Our opportunity as leaders is to build reputations out of stone, not plastic. When we execute strategic gifting the right way, we create an environment of stability and confidence. And a brand to match.

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How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle While Embracing Smart Technology

How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle While Embracing Smart Technology

When you think of living a holistic lifestyle, do you picture someone being completely off-grid with no computer, no internet, and no smartphone? While some people do live this way, the absence of IoT tech doesn’t define a holistic lifestyle.

Smart technology and a holistic life aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, plenty of people live a happy, healthy, joyful life filled with smart technology. The key is they don’t allow their tech to control their lives. They’re not glued to their smartphones, and if their smart coffee maker stopped working, they’d happily brew a cup of coffee by hand.

There are countless ways smart technology can improve your life. Here are just a few specific ways.

Smart tech can give you critical food and drug recall alerts

Part of living a healthy, holistic lifestyle involves knowing when your favorite food brands test positive for dangerous contaminants. This goes for your pets’ food, too. Food recalls are far too common, and it’s hard to stay on top of every single situation. The easiest way to stay on top of each situation is to subscribe to alert mailing lists and pipe your emails through your smartphone so you’ll never miss a recall.

Even more common than food recalls are drug recalls. As much as you might try to live without over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, sometimes that’s hard. For instance, you might need to take ibuprofen once in a while to ward off a stress headache. There’s no shame in that. However, some seemingly innocent OTC drugs end up having devastating health consequences.

For example, the popular heartburn drug, Zantac, has been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer. Zantac is the brand name for the generic drug called ranitidine. Unbeknownst to the public for years, the chemical structure of ranitidine literally becomes a carcinogen during metabolization. That’s pretty scary.

If you’re not taking any OTC drugs, you might be taking a medication that is keeping you alive. If that drug gets recalled or black boxed, your doctor may not know about it for a while. Using a smartphone to receive alerts when drugs are recalled could save your life.

Smart technology and holistic living are compatible

You can live a holistic lifestyle while embracing smart technology; you don’t need to choose one or the other. Technology won’t negatively impact your health unless you’re literally sitting at your computer all day long and you never get up to interact with the world.

In some cases, smart tech can even help you live a healthier life. For example, Fitbit tracks a user’s health data like steps taken, burned calories, and heart rate. Tracking this data can help individuals see the impact of their exercise routines, and it also helps them achieve their goals. Other wearable smart tech can be used to transmit data to a healthcare provider, and some wearable devices deliver pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) treatments.

Other smart devices are incredibly helpful to people with disabilities. For example, there are smart shoes that provide haptic feedback to guide blind people safely around neighborhoods using a smartphone GPS connection.

Haptic shoes convey directional information in a way that doesn’t distract the wearer or anyone else around them. The shoes are equipped with actuators and vibrators on all sides. After the wearer’s smartphone calculates their route, vibrations in the shoe guide the wearer to their destination. These amazing shoes also detect obstacles like steps and curbs and use the same vibrations to guide the wearer around immediate obstacles.

You can use smart tech to connect with likeminded people

Smartphones and smart tablets are tools that can connect you with likeminded people. No matter what your passion is in life, you’ll find a group of people online who share your interests.

The best way to connect with people is to use video conferencing software. Audio phone calls are okay, but why just use voice when you can connect through video conferencing? If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you already have video conferencing built into your device via FaceTime.

It’s more fun connecting with people through video chat than voice chat. You can tell so much more about a person when you can see them live. Video is the next best thing to an in-person meeting.

You can also connect with people all around the world and you won’t pay a dime beyond what you would pay for data. If you’re on Wi-Fi, then there’s no extra charge.

Connecting with people all around the world is inspiring and can be beneficial for your business. People from different cultures often have different ways of viewing situations and can come up with ideas and solutions you would have never thought about.

You can use smart tech to discover potential business partners

If you’re running a business, there’s no better way to find potential business partners than by assessing the people you’re already connecting with online.

If you’re discussing business with people over the internet, you might get a feeling that someone is a potential business partner. Smart tech will facilitate video conversations so you can get a better idea of who those people are.

Most people can sense who a person is just by being in their presence. Video conferencing is the next best thing if you’re working with people across the world.

Smart technology allows you to bring your workouts anywhere

Perhaps one of the coolest ways smart tech supports a holistic lifestyle is facilitating the ability to take your workouts anywhere. Some online workout programs are hosted in the cloud, like Apple Fitness Plus, which makes them available anywhere you have an internet connection.

You can also upload your workout programs to your private cloud hosting account if they’re not already available online. Last, if uploading is too much work, you can simply load your smart device with your workout programs and use your device to play the programs. If you happen to be in a hotel with a smart TV, you can connect your device to the TV to play your workout video on a larger screen.

Smart tech will help you track progress and goals

As long as you aren’t tediously tracking data that doesn’t matter, using smart tech to track your progress and goals in any area of life will prove beneficial. For instance, you can use your smartphone to track your reps while you’re at the gym instead of lugging around a notepad. You can also download an app to track what you eat. There are also apps that will tell you what to eat and when to eat depending on your body type and specific goals.

Technology has always been great for tracking progress. You can also track your business goals, sales, and just about anything else from a smartphone app.

Embrace smart technology as a way to enhance your holistic lifestyle

Living a holistic lifestyle is central to wellbeing. A holistic lifestyle involves taking care of your entire self – your mind, body, and soul. Smart technology can help you take better care of yourself by providing you with tools to stay on track.

Regardless of what you’ve read online, living a holistic lifestyle isn’t about giving up gluten, eating a plant-based diet, and living in a converted shipping container tiny home. Living a holistic lifestyle is about unifying your mental self with your physical self to promote overall wellness. It’s a lifestyle that keeps you in touch with the way your thoughts and attitude impact your physical health and keeps you in tune with nature, whether you eat gluten, fish, beef, or potatoes. It’s not about what you eat – it’s about who you are.

Technology has the power to facilitate your growth both in your personal life and in business. There’s no reason you can’t use a little smart technology to sustain a joyful, healthy life.

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